Couple Smiled For That Single Picture And Immediately Turned Back To Their Somber Mood | LOL Video Shows Sad Couple Smiling For Just One Selfie

If you know not to judge the book by its cover, this example will fortify that thought.

In the spirit of the game when the mood is somber and dull, your brain still hints you to smile for that one selfie. Couple smiled for that single picture video is hilarious.

Couple smiled for that

Couple smiled for that single picture and immediately turned back to their somber mood. Our brain despite being quite small in size can handle multiple tasks at the same time. Your brain chemicals may be pushing the sadness neurons but when the camera focuses on you, you still know to shed off your somber mood and give your best smile for that selfie.

Couple in Canada were watching the perfect hockey night game between Toronto Maple Leafs and Penguins. The girlfriend wanted to capture their memories of being together in the camera. As soon as she held the camera, both the boy and girl posed with their beautiful smile to capture a memorable selfie.

Couple smiled for that

As soon as the click is heard, the man’s face turned gloomy and dull. The sudden change in his expression are hilarious and laughable. I initially thought both boy and his girlfriend have fought and hence feeling sad. As you can see the women after clicking selfie immediately changed her expressions too.

Couple smiled for that

Lucky for the couple the stadium camera focused on them and captured this whole 20-30 second long episode. The stadium camera immediately highlighted the reason for their somber mood, the score board of Maple Leafs Vs Penguins. Penguins were leading 6 to 1. Seeing the pathetic performance of Toronto Maple Leafs this couple’s favorite team, naturally one will feed sad.

Watch Couple smiled for that perfect selfie and then immediately resorted back to original mood.


How to get rid of depression. Video proves a classic example


The takeaway from this video is how amazing our brain functions. When you feel sad, the stimuli and brain chemicals that stimulate the pleasure and reward seeking neurons become less. This stage of brain is called as feeling sad and depressed. But as soon as your eyes see the camera is drawn to click your picture, your brain brings forceful smile on your face making that selfie memorable.

This also shows if you are feeling sad and depressed, the best way to come out of depression gloom is to divert your attention to something good and happy. Watch happy videos, read funny jokes and the very next moment you will find the neurons in your brain will start producing necessary pleasure seeking chemicals.

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