Corona Virus Shuts Portland strip club so dancers now do delivery

Corona Virus Shuts Portland

Not sure if this is noteworthy or cringe-worthy but the Corona virus impact can be seen everywhere and almost every industry has been impacted. Portland Strip Club too has been forced close due to Corona Virus aka COVID-19 and the dancers have now resorted to the home delivery! Corona Virus Shuts Portland strip club so dancers now do delivery.

So what will you get, first off all the scantily dressed dancers for sure. So that item is covered. Next think of the menu

It’s Boober Eats that is offering the home delivery. And your choices are either the Lucky Devil Lounge or Boober eats.

Now you can be extravagant since prices are reasonable (mind you with as little as $30 delivery rate, you can get chicken fingers, steak bites and mini corndogs.)

Only one rule to follow, do not touch the dancers. Not sure how strictly the rule is followed but this is what Boober eats has mentioned on their site. As you can see many be the door or strip club is closed for you as a customer and these dancers, but here is another opportunity opened for these out of work dancers to earn the livelihood.

Next time when you are in Portland, think of ordering some food from this eatery. The home delivery ensures that you can maintain social distancing at the same time helping these dancers too. I am sure the dancers are taking all precautions such as wearing gloves and mask to protect you and themselves.

If you business too is impacted by Corona virus outbreak, think novel, think out of box and you will find that if one opportunity closes, many other avenues open up for you. The Portland Strip Club dancers have set up ideal example to you.

Watch Corona Virus Shuts Portland strip club so dancers now do delivery.

Out-of-work strippers are delivering food through Boober Eats

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