Cool Bunny Has 6 Million Views On TikTok Making It The Most Popular Pet Animal Video

A cool dude is making rounds on short video platform TikTok

This dude is none other than a cool bunny who has 6 million plus views on social media platform.


Cool Bunny Has 6 Million

Check it out, the hottest and coolest pet animal of TikTok, a bunny. Nothing special but just a normal day off video of cool bunny has 6 million plus views on social media platform.

Posted by Bunnysdayoff channel, dedicated to animal videos, out sweet bunny boy is taking day off and just chilling out there. But his outfits, pose in which he is facing the camera and expressions are marvelous.

Watch the cool bunny video that is going viral and trending on TikTok and I am sure you will instantly know why it’s so popular. We all know there is no magic trick to go viral and become popular on social media platform. It’s sometimes a matter of presenting right material to the right audience. Quality home made videos have always gained superior edge over staged and perfectly choreographed ones.

Cool Bunny Has 6 Million

Many celebrities and influencers are constantly looking for what’s trending on TikTok or YouTube and other similar social media platform. Result many copycat videos of trending and popular theme instantly been created and posted. Since the influencers have a huge fan followers, the user who has started this trend gets sidelined and found himself helplessly watching his concept taken over by famous influencers. Welcome to the brutal and real world of TikTok.

Cool Bunny Has 6 Million Views

Cool Bunny Has 6 Million

Introducing the most popular bunny of TikTok. A simple homemade video where the pet bunny decided to take a day off and do nothing. A custom stitched dress making this bunny boy look dashing and glorious.

Think anything is still missing and here comes a custom made sun glasses. Totally custom and designed to fit this bunny’s small head. Tell me, after wearing these classic accessories and the cool looks on his face, why can’t this video won’t become popular.

So far the video has collected more than 6 million views and rave comments. Want to get on this viral bunny trend, mind you it’s not easy to create a copycat video of our cool bunny. But you can try and make all pet bunnies popular. Afterall bunnies don’t care about social media publicity. Rather a carrot is bigger prize than social media frenzy.

Checkout our cool bunny who is currently trending on TikTok.


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