Color Blindness Tetrachromacy Test To Know How Good You Are In Identifying The Shapes Hidden In The Basket Of Colors

Are you color blind or think you have difficulty in identifying the colors. Here is a quiz based test, take it straight from your couch.

Opposite to color blindness is Tetrachromacy or super color vision. While there is no guaranteed test available due to the limitation of computer screens, we have added few questions just for fun.


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Color blindness Tetrachromacy test to know how good you are in identifying the shapes hidden in the basket of colors. Colour vision deficiency (CVD), the medical term used for Color blindness is very common us USA. There are more color blind male than women so if you are thinking that your husband can’t identify colors, there may be a biological deficiency behind that.

Men on an average can identify few primary colors such as red, black, yellow or green. Very rarely you will find someone reaching to the stage of identifying purple. Reason, men are happy with these primary colors and think it’s a stretch to go into the unfathomable world of turquoise, opaque blue, cyan, teal and many more.

Color Blindness Test

On the contrary women since childhood are adept in knowing 100 times more colors than their male counterpart. The ignorance or apathy towards getting familiarized with many shades of blue or orange may be resulting in increased percentage of colorblind disorder in men. If you are a woman, please remember that your boyfriend or husband is born with this disorder and hence can’t play choose the right color game with you. Not his fault but a mental deficiency.

Facts about color blindness (CVD)

  • Common in men than women
  • approximately 8% male population in US is colorblind, on the contrary the percentage of colorblind women is significantly less
  • Color Vision Deficiency often is inherited as a result, many patients are colorblind since birth
  • A colorblind person can’t distinguish between Red and Green color shades


Tetrachromacy opens new colorful horizon

Color Blindness Test

Opposite to color blindness is Tetrachromacy. It is also called as Super Color vision. Although it’s very rate to find Tetrachromacy patient, but a person with Tetrachromacy can actually identify and see lot more colors than a normal person. Tetrachromacy is the rare ability to see up 100x more colors than the normal human eye can see

Ever hear the cones and rods or studied about it during your school days. Tetrachromacy is associated with the fourth cone in your retina that allow you to see or identify many colors that otherwise normal person can’t see. As you have guessed correctly, Tetrachromacy is commonly observed in women than men. So next time when your girlfriend is telling you about colors never heard or seen, just remember that she may have be a Tetrachromats, someone gifted with super color vision.

How Color Blindness test can help

Color Blindness Test

The color blindness test is based on blurred vector images to test your eye sight. There are a series of 18 questions to test your eye sight and vision. Check these images carefully and let us know the shapes you can see. If you are right, you will be able to pass this test with flying colors.

For any reason if you answers don’t match, don’t be disheartened, there are several limiting factors involved such as

  • Resolution of your screen
  • Image quality
  • Internet speed to load the image
  • poor light conditions in your room

We suggest that you consult an optometrist or ophthalmologist so that he assesses and confirms the results of the questionnaire, examines your medical history and the gravity of your symptoms, and decides if you need treatment. This way, he may give you tools that will help you solve your problem.

Tetrachromacy Test

Color Blindness Test

If you want to see if you are gifted with Super color vision , we have added few Tetrachromacy questions just for fun. But given the fact that your computer or cell phone emits only THREE colors of light, there’s no way a standard computer screen can help you determine if you’re a Tetrachromat. Limitation lies with the computer screens since it’s only capable of producing red, green and blue lights. The fourth color that tetrachromats can see is not produced by standard computer monitors. Distinguishing between slightly different shades produced by the three trichromat primaries might be useful in determining the sensitivity of a normal trichromat eye’s sensitivity.

Color blindness treatment options

Unfortunately, there are no many treatment options available for person suffering from colorblindness. And as such there is no known cureĀ forĀ color blindness. However, with the progress made in medical science, there are contact lenses and glasses with filters available to help color deficiencies.

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