Coke Can Shatter Everything Around It When Mixed With This Substance | Perfect Storm Created By Coke Bottle Shattering Coffee Table Glass And Balloons

Our carbonated drink, Coke can become extremely furious when you mix this special substance.

The result shows Coke can shatter everything around and here is the video proof.


The carbonated drinks like Coke, Coca-cola or Diet Pepsi are good companion to the burger. Even notable researches have proved that drinking soda is good to aid the digestion. The acidity in Coke helps in digestion. But the same Coke can shatter everything around it when you mix another substance in it.

No doubt, drinking soda drinks such as Pepsi and Coke are helpful. These fluids actually dilutes your natural digestive enzymes thus supplement natural metabolism. Moreover, the burger and fries taste good with a sip of Coca-cola. So it satisfied your taste buds too.

But can your favorite carbonated drink go bonkers and even destroy and break everything around it. The answer is it’s possible. When mixed with other materials such as Sodium Bicarbonate or shock or Calcium Hypochlorite, the Coke can become extremely volatile.


Experiment Shows Volatile Soda And How Coke Can Shatter Everything Around It

Two folks have created what considered as a perfect storm using Coke bottle. The experiment has revealed dark side of Coke or for that matter any carbonated soda drink. The results were not only shocking but destroying everything what came in their way.

Warning : Do not attempt this experiment in the closed place and when kids are around. Make sure to conduct any experiment involving vigorous chemical reactions in open space and using necessary protective gears.

Collect following items

Coke Bottle (available at the grocery store)

Bunch O Balloons (Amazon or eBay)

Pool Shock (can be found at Amazon or Home Depot)

Brake Fluid (optional) be careful as brake fluid has resulted in fire.


Get these items from eBay


Get these items from Amazon


Coke Can Shatter Everything

The coke bottle with little coca cola in it was place on a coffee table. Bunch O Balloons a.k.a. Instant Water Balloons were ready in the hands of another person. The first person poured a bag of pool shock (high Chlorine molecules) in the bottle. The pool shock doesn’t immediately start the chemical reaction giving you some time to tie the water balloons.

Calcium Hypochlorite and Polyethylene Glycol (Pool shock and brake fluid)

Coke Can Shatter Everything


What happens when you mix brake fluid, Pool chock with Coca-Cola. The water balloons were fitted at the top. Now give a gentle stroke to the bottle and quickly run away to safer location.

The chemical action between Coke and Chlorine releases tremendous amount of gas in few seconds that creates unexpected surprises.

As you can see both persons ran away from the scene to hind behind tall wall. While they were escaping away, the balloons instantly bloated and busted. Within split second the entire coffee table shook with the glass top flying up in the air. As the glass landed down, it instantly shattered.

This is the power of what air under pressure can do. The Coke, Brake Fluid and Pool shock experiment is fun to watch but can be extremely volatile, if you actually want to try it.

I seen a video about the chemical reaction. It is really really cool. That’s the reason why Coke can shatter everything around it has collected millions of views and trending on TikTok. It is one of the most watched viral video on TikTok.

Coke Can Shatter Everything

If you are planning to try this experiment , take precautions and better stay at a safe distance away from the Coke bottle.  In some cases, it has even caused fire. A mild reaction can be achieved using Coke mixed with chlorine and sugar.

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