Clean Up The Water Before She Can Hit Your Hand Is A Perfect Couples Only Game | Bring Excitement In Your Relationship By Playing Simple But Novel Game At Home

Perfect games for perfect couples are ways to bring excitement to the marriage life.

Clean up the water is a fun game you can play with your partner, the fun guarantees injecting new lease of excitement in your life.


Clean up the water

They say secrets of happy marriage life is trying new new things. Whether it’s making a small change to your habits or to your home or even playing a brand new game together, these are some of the tricks to juice up your marriage life. The principals are same even if you are in live in relationship with your partner. Clean up the water before she can hit your hand is one of the latest and couples only game.

No special tools or a shopping trip to your local store is needed. Just you and your partner and let the fun begins.

Bringing Excitement To Your Marriage Life

Clean up the water

You finally found a perfect soulmate with whom you can spend rest of your life. As your new married life begins, there are some challenges involved. Over the period of time, two people living under same roof from dawn to dusk can often becomes monotonous. That’s the warning sign every husband must notice. Failure to catch these early warning signs can lead to more trouble in couples conjugal life.

Clean up the water

Your wife married you because you were her universe. The most attractive and caring person in her life. It’s easy to quickly fall from the height of being the most important person in your wife’s life to “ordinary Joe”. It’s entirely in your hand how to keep the attraction between you and your partner alive.

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If you are a smart husband, or boyfriend in live-in relationship with your partner, you know adding small moments of excitement can juice up your marriage life. Couples only games are designed to serve this very purpose. These games are fun and make your day exciting. But the most important aspect is bonding you develop with your partner that makes the true difference.


Clean Up The Water Before She Can Hit Your Hand

This game is very simple. Pour few drops of water on the floor. Let your wife sit in a comfortable position around the water puddle. Take kitchen spoon for snapping your hand. The stage is now set and let the fun begin.

Clean up the water

You as a husband need to grab a cloth to clean up the water. the only catch is that as soon as you touch the cloth to the water, your wife can hit your hand. Remember, she is holding the spoon to snap your hands. The trick here is to mop the floor before your wife can hit your fingers.

If you are smart and know your tricks, you can win this game. But if you are dumb, get ready to be smacked by wife’s wooden spoon.

Watch this coulples only fun game of clena up the water.

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