Church Was Filled With Cardboard Guests At Michigan Couple’s Wedding. Corona virus Reality

Church Was Filled With

Church Was Filled With Cardboard Guests At Michigan Couple’s Wedding. Corona virus Reality. Social distancing, stay at home and lockdown are new reality of life due to Corona virus pandemic. As we are forced to stay at home or follow 6ft social distancing when outside, large size groups or any gatherings are strictly prohibited. Do you know the impact, no more parties, no meeting your neighbors or distant family and no more wedding celebrations.

The issue we have at hand is so massive that we are wholly occupied to protect ourselves and family that we completely forgot there are hundreds if Romeo and Juliet who have panned their marriage, the very important milestone in year 2020. All the dreams, plans including preparing guest list, selecting choice of band, finalizing the wedding gown or groom’s dress have shattered in a split of second. If you are already married you may know how much toll these items take on to be husband and wife’s mind. You plan for your dream wedding since childhood and when the day actually arrives, the worst thing to see if that things are not moving as planned.

Marriage has long been considered as an important pillar of our society, an integral part of human life. The couple in Michigan too were devastated seeing the impact of Corona virus pandemic. But the show must go on and in the same line they decided to forge froward with their wedding plans. The young couple was also mindful of the impact of large scale gathering of people can have on their guests health and then there can be fines and jail time on top of that for breaking the quarantine rules. But how to make this once in lifetime moment grand and memorable. All they wanted a wedding in presence of their beloved friends and family with pews full of guests attending their wedding. Dan Stuglik and Amy Simonson said about 160 people had been due to attend their wedding this Saturday in Dowagiac, but the COVID-19 lockdown left them with a suddenly empty guest list.

Church Was Filled With

An idea was born to make guest cutouts from cardboard. Fill the pews with cardboard guest. Both Dan and Amy started working on bring this idea to reality. Dan soon found the help in the form of a local company ‘Menasha Packing’ to provide human-shaped cardboard cut-outs to represent their friends and family during the ceremony.

Church Was Filled With

“I didn’t like the idea of Amy having to walk down the isle with no one in the pews, that seemed like a very lonely walk, so I wanted something to represent the guests,” Stuglik told WSBT-TV.

Church Was Filled With

The church too agreed to this novel idea and soon come onboard. The stage was set up with the entire church pews filled with cardboard people. They even brought cardboard flower girl and boy.

Church Was Filled With

This novel idea was liked by TV channel who invited both Dan and Amy to share their wedding plans and preparations. When you have will, you will find a way; this idiom rightfully apply to both Dan and Amy. Corona virus has changed the way we live significantly. Our generation will always be remembered as a generation that has seen both AC and BC – Before Corona and After Corona life. That’s the bright side of facing this pandemic. Anyway, watch Dan and Amy’s wedding preparations below



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