Chaos At The Airport Baggage Counter As Someone Checked In Hundreds Of Crabs | How Horror erupted At The Airport When Hundreds Of Live Crabs Appeared From Nowhere

Flight delays and resulting chaos is pretty common scene at the airport.

Watch the fun when the checked-in bag carrying hundreds of crabs accidentally opened on the baggage conveyor.

chaos at the airport

Airport is always full of events and drama, whether its due to some unruly passenger or unexpected flight delay. If you have ample time, just hit the airport and wait in the lounge to experience all the emotions the travel experience brings. People in the departure lounge are full of emotions due to waving goodbye to their beloved ones, whereas on the other corner you will find someone scrambling with baggage to take out the overweight items. But what can be an ultimate chaos at the airport baggage counter, read the funny incident caught on camera as someone checked in hundreds of crabs and how horror has erupted at the airport when hundreds of live crabs appeared from nowhere

Airport an eventful place

Airport, a place where you will see some passengers anxious to reach their home, whereas there are others on a business trip ready to meet their clients. Then there is group of cab drivers who are inertly waiting for their customers to drive them safely home. If you are a frequent traveler, by now you have become customary to all sorts of issues that can happen at the airport and fully prepared to even face it. But for those who fly ones in a while, any unexpected surprises can bring anxiety and tense moments of the life.

If you think you have seen enough drama at the airport, here is one more, very unique and never heard before. A domestic flight carrying passenger has landed the terminal. As usual, passengers disembarked in orderly fashion. After collecting carry on baggage many feet turned to the baggage carousel to pick up the checked-in bags.

How this horrifying drama unfolded

As many flights were descending constantly, the airport staff were busy announcing the arriving flight number and respected carousel where passengers can pick their checked-in bags.

Passengers gathered around the baggage area waiting anxiously for their bags to arrive. Waiting for your bags is uneventful and boring task, those who are anxiously waiting to meet their beloved one has to control their emotions until the bags come in sight.

Within due course of time, the conveyor belt started indicating that the bags are soon to be arrived. Afterwards as the bags started dropping on the moving belt, some passengers gathered close to the conveyor to find their baggage.

But out of sudden, one checked-in bag opened up and what seem to be opening a can of worm, some creatures jumped out of it. These creatures were none other than the giant crabs, completely alive and started movingĀ  on the belt. In a matter of few seconds the entire baggage conveyor filled with hundreds of live crabs. The crabs were everywhere, jumping on other bags, falling down from the belt.

chaos at the airport

Seeing these unexpected animals, soon chaos broke at the arrival area. In the haste to save themselves from live crabs, many passengers started running around creating a panic scene. Fortunately, the airport staff was adept to handle situations like this and many hands joined together to grab these crabs and put them in a basket together.

The Snakes on a Plane sequel we didn’t realize America needed until right now.

chaos at the airport

Soon the baggage area filed with passenger became empty and filled by these crabs.

chaos at the airport

With question on everyone’s mind who flew with these crabs, the passengers chose to leave their baggage until this situation is sorted out.

Chaos and Screams erupted at the airport

Isn’t this a very unique scene one can see at the airport. Fortunately, someone quickly took out the cellphone and recorded this viral incident on the camera. The original video has received 19 million views and has became instafamous and viral on Twitter.

chaos at the airport

It is fun to watch the chaos erupted at the airport due to these crabs. While you may be enjoying watching these funny scene, the mood of other passengers present on the site was confused and panic. Soon panic mood turned into horror and many chose to flee the scene leaving their bags in the airport. Everywhere passenger screaming in horror and running away from the conveyor belt broke havoc at the airport.

If you see the size of these crabs, they were large enough to scare the passengers.

Watch how crabs manage to create chaos at the airport baggage counter in this viral video below.


That’s Spirit Airlines, you gotta pay $50 for them to not fill your suitcase with live crabs and those crabs are worth way more than $50. Must have been a few hundred crabs stacked on top of each other wearing an oversized trench coat trying to flee the country.

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