Catch This Ice cream If You Can Video Shows Ice Cream Shop Owner’s Trick That Will Leave You In Awe

Catch this ice cream if you can, we bet you won’t

Shop owners are coming up with novel tricks and you would love this ice cream parlor owner’s trick to attract the customers

Catch This Ice cream

Catch this ice cream if you can video shows ice cream shop owner’s trick that will leave you in awe. In a mall many people were gathered at a small ice cream shop. Little perplexed thinking that this ice cream must be very famous seeing so many people gathered around, I also stood in the line.

It turned out that the line was actually not for the ice cream of some famous cone, but to see owner’s trick. When I heard the word trick, it naturally increased my curiosity.

As I waited for the trick to begin, there was a woman standing in the center. I assumed she has volunteered for the trick as sometimes it can be risky. As you don’t know what the trick is, it can backfire making you a laughing stock.

So what’s the trick

The shop owner offered a big chunk of ice cream. I wasn’t sure how is this woman going to hold it as her cone was too small. But before that woman can even touch it, he swiftly moved the ice-cream dough away. Then he fill the cone with icecream and that is when the fun began.

Catch This Ice cream

As the woman tried to hold the cone, the owner has moved it and the speed at which he was balancing the cone was astonishingly fast. I am sure had I been at that woman’s place, it wouldn’t be easy for me to grab the cone.

The cherry on top moment came when I noticed that the entire time he was balancing the cone and the ice cream scoop using just a long plain metal stick.

As the trick progressed, he moved on to the next stage. Filled a waffle cone with icecream and handed over to the woman. But as she grabbed it, only thing she got was an empty cone. The ice cream was gone back sticking to his metal scoop. Not only once, but could of times he swiftly manage to juggle between ice cream filled cone to empty cone and back.

Catch This Ice cream

After feeling pity or trying his customer’s patience he has finally handed her ice cream scoop to her.

Effective use of words of mouth marketing strategy

Whatever be the case, not only this trick was amazing, his skills were too. It has made many of us stood around this shop and watch this magic opening right infront of our eyes.

Needless to mention, everyone watching this trick waited for their turn to buy a scoop of ice cream. Though the ice cream tested ordinary, the fun of watching him preparing the ice cream cone was amazing. This is one of the novel way many shop owner’s are grabbing attention of their customers. Good for their business as the mouth publicity will definitely attract many more customers step to his shop.

Classic example of words of mouth marketing strategy effectively been used by this ice cream shop owner.

If you want to know how words of mouth marketing works – check out Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking


The whole trick was recorded on the camera and here is the video. I am sure you too would like to have scoop of ice cream from this shop. Let us know if you could catch this ice cream in your next visit.


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