Cat Bullying Chicken Shows Bully Is Always A Bully

Cat bullying chicken

Cat bullying chicken shows bully is always a bully. The chickens were sitting nicely in their apiary. From nowhere the owner’s cat entered the chicken’s home. Climbed atop the bar on which hens were sitting peacefully. The cat didn’t stop, rather started pushing the chicken to one side. The expressions of awkwardness and uneasiness on hen’s face are amazing.

This shows the chicken too have feeling and know to express them. Slowly slowly, the cat tried to push these poor chicken into one corner. But when the hens couldn’t bear it anymore, they left the place letting the buy cat rule the entire place

Watch the video of Cat bullying chicken

Proves that a bully is always a bully. Hilarious pets and farm animals video. Animals video always bring smile and laughter on our face.

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