Can’t afford to pay minimum wages, I employed a monkey

All the states are racing to bump up the minimum wages as high as possible. It’s good for the labor force, but fellas I can’t afford it. Minimum wages to high, can’t afford to pay it. So I employed a monkey in my garage. Does the work and doesn’t ask for salary, health insurance or paid vacations. He is better than any of you fellas

If you too are a small business owner who share the same sentiment, think out of box. Look at this Body shop owner who has employed a monkey. Well, he isn’t a normal monkey but a skilled resource who has acquired the automobile skills over the period of time. Just check out the way he is handling the player and other car repair tools. Most importantly without any guidance this amazing monkey is getting the job done. This monkey means the business.

Well, then you don’t have to worry about paying him salary. He can be your pet when you are not at job. No demand for overtime or salary hike. No need for health care benefits or Obamacare. He won’t even ask for any paid vacation. With some bananas and peanuts he will the most affordable employee a small business owner can get. With those loaded benefits, no wonder this video is trending on the social media. Check this out.

Well, as a car owner you can now say – “At least he knows who’s monkeyed with his car” as we now have Garage monekys

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