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Guess Fake Or Real Quiz : Can You Guess If These Things Are Real Or Something Else

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If you open this water carton, will water come out?

Question Image

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Is this a Real Pantene Shampoo or something else?

Question Image

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This is Indian Bell used. But is it real?

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Slicing through Amazon Prime Box?

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McDonald's Happy Meal. But will it have a burger and fries inside if you open it?

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Garlic herb roasted rotisserie chicken. Is this real?

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Yummy fruit bowl but is it real?

Question Image

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Delicious strawberry bit is it real?

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Scented candle with light. Is this real?

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Planters for indorr use. But can you water it and if it's real?

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Large egg box. Can you tell if it's real?

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Is this a real toilet paper roll painted in gold or something else?

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Can you spot the difference between real or fake is a perfect brain exercise.

Tricking the brain by showing the things that are real looking only to discover that it’s something else offers light humor to your mind.

Real Or Fake

Sometimes what you see is not always the truth. When you look at an object, your brain processes the image and based on its database tries to relate it to the known object. This nervous system mechanism is nothing but “name calling” or tag the name. Can you spot if the things are real or fake.

But when you look at the things carefully and find out that it’s actually totally different than what your brain has perceived is termed as optical illusion. A way to fool your brain or trick it in believing something else is a good exercise for your brain.

The optical illusion can be in any form. An image changing as you go closer or image carrying duel meaning.

Take a look at this message posted by the library. Epic message spreading positivity and encourage book reading habit. But is it actually what you think it is?

Real Or Fake

The Greatest Pleasure In Life

Reading A Book

Call it a dirty mind test. Take a quick look at this image and let us know what do you think. I am sure your brain focuses on the word “pleasure” and can’t find the good image. In this case the illusion is caused by the combination of words and picture together.

Real Or Fake Challenge

So far everything sounded exciting and fun. Let’s take the fun to the level up. We will show you amazing culinary art crafted straight outta kitchen. Focus on the first image and possible try to hide the subsequent image before answering the question.

Is this Candle With Burning Light Or

Real Or Fake

Real candle with a burning light at the center.

Can you cut the candle and see what’s inside. A juicy tasty cake. Imagine how many hours have taken to make this real candle looking cake.

Real Or Fake


Water Container Or

Things Are Real Or

Every detail of a water bottle are crafted carefully. Looking at the cake, you won’t believe, this is not paper carton but something else. The font, style, color grading and flow is so smooth. Truly skilled job. The cake artist has successfully mimicked the shape of water carton in the cake form.

Things Are Real Or

Who would want to cut this gem of art. I would rather like to preserve it than cutting it.

Cake In the Shape Of Planter

Real plant is planted in a small planter. Don’t water it yet as it is not what it is? It’s a cake. Slice through it and now you will believe me. Te color combination of soil, the planter encapsulating it and most importantly the gradient green color of leaves make this planter cake one of a kind


Garlic Herb Butter Roasted Chicken Cake

Don’t mistake this for the garlic herb roasted chicken as you are bound to see a surprise. Take a knife and slice off a piece. Looks so real. Artist has achieved color synergy and flow in crafting roasted chicken shaped cake. Your KFC lover husband or kid would definitely want this cake on birthday.

Things Are Real Or

Is this real or fake.

Can You Slice Through Amazon Prime Delivery Box

Things Are Real Or

Nicely Packed Amazon Prime delivery box looks attractive not for the smiling swoosh logo but the actual contents inside. When you order your items at Amazon, there is not much waiting involved as in many cases the prime members can expect the delivery of their item same or next day.

Let me show you how to slice through the Amazon delivery package and quickly reveal what’s inside.

Things Are Real Or

Isn’t this oddly satisfying picture.


Pantene Shampoo Shaped Cake

Don’t grab this bottle and head to the shower as the chances are you may spoil your hair by pouring this special Pantene shampoo. Yes, you guessed it correct. This is not a shampoo bottle but a cake made matching the real life size of Pantene shampoo bottle.

Things Are Real Or

From logo to the logo background, everything has been made with perfection. No one would even doubt that this is a Pantene shampoo cake and not actual shampoo. Something for your craving tongue when you have head bath using real shampoo.


Large Egg Box Shaped Cake

Things Are Real Or

Craving for omelet or half boiled egg. Grab this egg box, but wait a second. Is this a large egg box or something else. A perfect replica of large egg box shaped cake.

Real Or Fake

Still can’t believe it, grab a knife and slice the box. The knife will slice through smoothly revealing the velvety stuffing and cake layers inside. Things are real or fake. You decide.


Toilet Paper Roll Cake

Real Or Fake

Things are real or fake. You decide.

Real Or Fake

Giant Strawberry Cake



Real Or Fake

Indian Bell Cake

Real Or Fake


Looks like the original Indian bell. This is used in the temples and other pious places. But can it ring or work like a real bell.

This bell is not for ringing but to satisfy your taste buds.



McDonalds Happy Meal Shaped Cake

Things Are Real Or

Craving for the famous McDonalds cheese burger and fries. Well, get ready for a surprise. Your salty craving won’t be satisfied as this Happy meal shaped cake is crafted to satisfy your sweet seeking taste buds.Things Are Real Or



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