Can you Guess how he goes through the wall. Optical Illusion or Magic

Can you tell how he goes through the wall

How this guy, Kevin can hide behind the door and come out of the closet. I still couldn’t figure out the trick. Is he really a magician or it’s optical illusion. Can you tell me how he goes through the wall. Optical Illusion or Magic

This video trending on the social media shows the man hiding behind the door and in the very next moment comes out of the closet. The whole optical illusion gives you a feeling as if he can easily pass through the wall and comes out of the closet. Number of Twitter users have made wild guesses, some of them even tried to support their claims using zoom in screen shots but none of them have proven to be accurate.


As per one user, the wall behind the door is a concealed door through which Kevin enters the closet, whereas another twitter user has claimed a small notch at the bottom of baseboard shows there is actually another hidden door behind the wall to enter the closet. However both the guesses were incorrect given that Kevin has played this trick in his apartment and making modifications to that extent is not feasible (comm’on folks who will spend money to build a secret door in an apartment)

Whatever trick he used, one thing is sure that Kevin has succeeded in fooling the user. I watched this video hundreds of time but couldn’t find the slot or otherwise that can allow Kevin sneak into the closet and then come out of it. The whole video has been shot in one go and everything happens right infront of your eyes which is more baffling to me.

Can you tell how he goes through the wall

Kevin has managed to take this trick to the next level, now he enters from the closet and appears from behind the door. That was just WOW!

Can you tell how he goes through the wall

Doesn’t look like the wall is real, that was my initial thought. But when I look intently at the wall above the door or near the ground, I can’t support my guess as I clearly see that the wall is there. I am so confused and amazed the same time.

Comm’on Kevin tell us how did you achieve such splendid trick right in front of my eyes. Great magic or shall I say Optical Illusion. Kevin Perry is new Zach King. He has proven to be a successful illusionist or magician or both.

Watch this video and let us know if you know how he pulls this amazing trick.

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