Bullet Lighter Portable And Completely Made From Real Bullets Is A Perfect Gift For Your Friends Serving In Military

Bullet lighter portable and

Is your near and dear serving in the military. Give them a perfect gift that is useful and easy to carry with them while serving on the war front. Even if you are a regular camper, the Bullet lighter portable and completely made from real bullets is must a must carry item with you. When the gift idea combines with usefulness, a fully functional and coveted gift set is born.

Bullet lighter portable and

Turbo torch flame, very lightweight and can be worn as dogtag to carry all the time when deputed abroad. Application is not limited only to active duty military, even in our day to day life, keep this prized possession close to the chest as it can come handy on any outdoor trip. A perfect life savior when trapped at remote place, the lighter can be used to light up the fire and ward off wild animals from you.

Made from real bullet, the lighter has a metal matchstick built inside. The match lighter with rubbing action will light up and give you the fire needed for emergency survival.


Bullet Lighter At Amazon Bullet Lighter At eBay


Ferro rod strikes at over 3000 degrees and flame burns over 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Will start a fire in the rain sleet or snow!

Bullet Lighter Comes in many styles and shapes


You can use one edge as a bottle opener too.

Whereas the other side is matchbox lighter to create the flame when required.



Gifts and gift ideas made from real bullets


Bullet lighter portable and

Isn’t this a perfect gift idea for your family serving in military. Give them a gadget that is more meaningful to their profession and style. A perfect Christmas gift for your camp loving father too. Best gift ideas under $10

Bullet lighter portable and completely made from rel bullets is a perfect gift for your friends serving in military. Check it out this novel gift idea in action


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