Breathtaking Views Of Mount Kilimanjaro Captured By The Camera

Breathtaking Views Of Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak of Africa, lures millions of visitors every year. Mount Kilimanjaro is also called as ‘Roof Of Africa’ being the highest and tallest point which determines and sometimes controls the weather of the savannah. This mountain is also an active volcano. Mostly covered with the snow thoughout the year, it’s not easy to uncover the beauty of the crater and the natural water reservoir formed atop the mountain.

Breathtaking Views Of Mount Kilimanjaro Captured By The Camera

To visit Mount Kilimanjaro, you will need to fly to Tanzania (this is where it is located). For those who visit Moshi, Tanzania, of course the first thing you want to see is the famous Mount Kilimanjaro, and with good reason – she looks over Moshi beautifully and takes over the whole landscape at sunrise and sunset. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a challenge that should not be under estimated and by choosing the right partner could make the difference. For those who are interested in hiking at Mount Kilimanjaro, consider booking the Amboseli Serena Lodge. This hotel  was created for adventurers with an African dream. With Mount Kilimanjaro soaring majestically beyond the golden, acacia-specked savannah, the safari lodge offers a graceful blend of stark beauty and lavish comfort in the of Amboseli National Park.

Breathtaking Views Of Mount Kilimanjaro

Do you know some interesting fun facts about this Africa’s famous tourist spot, here are few just for you.

Fun Fact 1:

The San Francisco 49ers take their name from the gold rush of 1849. However, the original team nicknamed “49ers” was the Tanzanian national football team, named for the rush to the area in 1749 when platinum deposits were discovered on Kilimanjaro.

Breathtaking Views Of Mount Kilimanjaro

Fun Fact 2:

Kilimanjaro is known as a “weathermaker” because clouds form around it due to its high prominence above the savannah.

Breathtaking Views Of Mount Kilimanjaro

Fun Fact 3:

Much like an iceberg, over 90% of Mt. Kilimanjaro’s volume and mass is underwater.

ClimbMountKilimanjaro estimates that between six or seven die each year trying to hike the mountain and that it’s impossible to discern how many people have died hiking it in total.

We have received a very rare breathtaking view of Mount Kilimanjaro. This aerial view has been shot on a very hot day when the ice on the mountain top is very less allowing us to see the crater and surrounding areas of the mountain clearly.

Do you know that no Technical climbs or adventure activities such as paragliding or skiing are allowed on Mount Kilimanjaro”. If you are planning to visit Africa, make sure to add visiting this natural volcanic place in your list. 

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