Brand New Money Scam By The Famous Nigerian Prince. Beware 2020

Brand New Money Scam

Have you read the scary stories how people were duped into sending money overseas under the pretext of unclaimed multi million dollar lottery jackpot. How the older people were scammed of their life saving by posing as their long distance nephew who needs money in order to avoid the jail. Well, looks like the scams are unending as here is 2020 brand new money scam by the famous Nigerian Prince.

The surprising thing is even after reading the stories in news paper, people are not learning their lesson. FBI and other federal agencies have issued start warning to stay away from sending money to someone who haven’t met before. Last year along the American’s were swindled out of 667 millions of their hard earned money.

Sophisticated Ransom Attacks Vs Nigerian Prince Scams

Brand New Money Scam

The cyber thieves are becoming increasingly smart and using sophisticated mechanism. One of the example was sending malware to hijack the central operating system or server. Once the cyber thief gets access to central server, he use to immediately lock down the system asking for ransom to release the control.

Major hospitals and corporations feel pray to such attacks. The modes operandi was common in all these cases. Once the thief has gained access to server data, the demand was to pay the ransom money in the form of Bitcoins. While these types of attacks are work of highly intelligent minds and many a times become difficult to thwart it.

Comparatively, the Nigerian Prince scams were targeting person’s greed. By showing the carrot of winning multi-million dollar lottery, people were lured into sending few hundreds to thousands. Small and easy plot but many people fell for it only after realizing that they have lost the money for chasing too goo to be true offer. Similarly, were the online dating scams. Someone sitting in Nigeria pretending to be a Russian or American bride has enticed many bachelors in this scam. The scam was again simple wherein the person will play the role of desperate bride who is deeply in love with her newfound online boyfriend. After engaging the person into 2 -3 conversations, demand money for gifts or buying place tickets so both can meet. Believe or not, buy many young adults feel pray to this scam and lost hundreds of dollars.


Brand New Money Scam

Brand New Money Scam

As awareness towards online scams is increasing, these scammers are coming up with brand new ideas to lure the people. Mostly their targets are Americans as we Americans are believed to be rich, honest and simple. It’s easy to fool an American than someone from third world country.

In this scam, you will receive message or challenge to perform the dares. If you fulfill your obligations, you will be rewarded handsomely. In order to make it look perfectly genuine, couple of early sign-ups will receive actual money. These earners then will flaunt their winnings in social media. In today’s world, news from one end of world to another travel faster than the lightning.

Brand New Money Scam

Once people start believing in you, next comes the actual scam. This user received a dare challenge to burn $4300. Show the proof, upload on some unknown site and inreturn he will be awarded $10,500, almost three times the money he lost.

Someone, actually thought it would be true and ended up burning $4300 in green backs. So far his promised prize hasn’t arrived and chances are very slim that the commitment will ever be fulfilled.

Beware of these new type of Truth and Dare scams

here is 2020 brand new money scam in action.

If this is true and you ended up seriously burning the money, contact treasury they have a process to exchange damaged currency. It used to 51% of the bill to exchange.

As per Patrick O’Brien, technically burning money is a federal offense and depends on what state your in u can go to jail for along time for doing that.


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