Black People Should Avoid Visiting China At All Cost Video Explains Why | Not Only African American But All Black People Are Treated Badly In China

Black People Should Avoid

Black People Should Avoid Visiting China At All Cost Video Explains Why. Not Only African American But All Black People Are Treated Badly In China.

We have obtained a video showing interaction between a black women and Chinese authority at a local mall.The authority did not allow this woman to enter the mall. Their reasoning was black people are not welcome because they are the cause of corona virus.

Well, I guess each country is following its own propaganda and no body know what the actual truth it. In US we hear the news that the COVID19 aka coronavirus has been emerged in one of China’s wet market. Another high profile investigation says, the virus was born out of a lab in Wuhan. As we are grappling to the reality and trying to stay afloat fighting this virus pandemic, in China they have a different opinion – ban black people.

Black People Should Avoid

As you can see in the footage, the African American woman was stopped from entering in the mall. As her colleague who appeared to be a Caucasian and tried to reason with authorities, they gestured her that she can enter the mall but not the black woman.

Due to the language barrier, the woman doesn’t know the reason mall authorities were citing but from their gesture one can make out that it was a blanket ban for black people to enter inside mall or shopping places in China.

We don’t know if there are any proves basis or research been conducted concluding the Coronavirus is caused by black people or can spread quickly through the black community, one thing is for sure, this is not a right time for any person of African origin to visit China. If you are already in China, try to leave the country. If that’s not possible due to the travel restrictions, contact your country’s embassy so that they can provide you necessary food and shelter. (if you are not allowed to enter inside shop, how can you buy food, clothes and other necessary items)

This post has been created just for public awareness and we do not support or against policies enforced by each country. The Coronavirus pandemic is severe and has grappled every known country on this planet, let’s respect each countries policies or measures taken to protect their citizens.

I am sure this policy will change as the world emerges out from the grips of Corona, until then stay indoor and stay safe.

Watch video of why Black People Should Avoid Visiting China.


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