Biggest Xylophone In The World Is Impressive Piece Of Engineering | Meet The Marvel Of Architecture Built In Japan That Plays Music With A Rolled Ball

Enormous xylophone in the woods of Kyushu, Japan plays a Bach tune when a wooden ball rolls down each “key.” An impressive piece of engineering. Meet the marvel of architecture built in japan that plays music with a rolled ball. This is the biggest xylophone in the world and excellent example of what an engineering paramount can be.

The reminder we need that humans can do amazing things. This is beautiful and an amazing feat of engineering … and somehow mesmerizing.

Biggest Xylophone In The

It would be nicer if that piece of wood was still a living tree, and all we could hear was the wind through the branches, the babbling brook and soaring birdsong!

Biggest Xylophone In The

If you are wondering what music the ball plays, we have an answer for you. The tune is ‘Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring’, composed by Bach in 1723. This design marvel was created as part of an ad. The ad was developed at Drill Inc Tokyo, by creative director Morihiro Harano and the xylophone was designed and constructed by Kenjiro Matsuo. What originally planned as an ad for a smartphone (TOUCHWOOD SH-08C) was launched only days before the Tohoku earthquake in 2011, recording took four days.

The tuning was slightly off in the middle (weathering?) but a brilliant concept. Can’t imagine the calculations that went into getting the gradient right.

Biggest Xylophone In The World

Biggest Xylophone In The

However, this splendid architectural marvel didn’t get worldwide fame due to the earthquake that followed it. The earthquake news filled columns of every news paper and its devastating effects took significant toll on many people in Japan that resulted in totally ignoring this creativity.

There are days when I wake up thinking, “Bring on the apocalypse” and then,….


and, against my will, I wind up falling in love with humans all over again.

Agree that it’s pretty and all, but there really is no connection between classical music on a downslope xylophone in the woods and a telephone with a wooden back. i think its just an excuse to make something “pretty” without any concept whatsoever. is “touch wood” the product name or tagline? either wont change anything since it doesnt really make sense.

If you want to watch the original commercial, here is the video



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