Best Wedding Games For A Memorable Wedding Ceremony But Beware As It Can Ruin Your Marriage Too

Planning for your wedding and looking for exciting idea, let us end your search here with our novel Wedding games ideas.

Our best wedding games tests how much your husband knows you well just from perfume or touch of your body.



When it comes to wedding the Wedding planners are day by day getting importance. The entire wedding can go haywire if any element goes bad. To relieve would be bride and groom from wedding stress, wedding planner plays important role. Consider adding our best wedding games to your ceremony to make your wedding day exciting, but beware it can sometimes spoil your wedding too.

Wedding is not just a ceremony but very important day for would bride and groom as today onward you will starting a new life. A life full of responsibility, giving each other personal space and respect and most importantly venturing into a very important phase of life.

Girls plan for their dream wedding since childhood. The ideas, imagination and expectations all go into planning the best and memorable wedding. As a groom, it is important that you fulfill most of her wishes and best fit into the image of her soulmate she has been dreaming from childhood. The theme of the game is simple but also tests very important pillar of conjugal life – are you truly made for each other.

Best Wedding Game

Best Wedding Game For

All you need is a bandanna and the groom ready to participate in this game. Fold the bandanna and tie around grooms eyes. Make sure it fully covers his eyes and he can’t see from any side of it.

If bandanna is not available, borrow a handkerchief from grooms friends and it will serve the purpose too.

Best Wedding Game For

Your bridesmaid play important role. One by one have the bridesmaid offer their hand to the groom. Grooms job is little tough here as he needs to guess if he is holding bride’s hand or someone else’s.

If your would be husband remembers the feel of your hand, smell of your perfume of body scent, he will unmistakably found you. But a slight mistake can bring embarrassment to both bride and groom.


Fun Filled Hilarious Wedding Game

Best Wedding Game For

If you think this game is too risky, we have another option. A lighter version, completely safe but full of energy and fun.

Play with two options. You will need 2 pairs of bride and groom dolls set. If you don’t have dolls, your wedding sandals and his shoes will be just fine.


Playing with the dolls


Both bride and groom will be given a set of dolls. Brides doll represent the bride, whereas grooms doll for the husband. Have the wedding planner or your best man prepare serious of funny questions. (hint watch these 2 videos to get an idea on what questions can be tricky and hilarious).

You will always find exotic and beautiful Bride and Groom doll set or other wedding accessories at Amazon

The task is simple, when a question is asked, both bride and groom have to raise the doll of their choice. For instance, for the question “Who is a better cook”. If you think the answer is you, raise bride’s doll. But if your would be husband is better at cooking, raise groom’s doll. If both raises same doll, consider it as a perfect match a.k.a two bodies but one soul.

Best Wedding Game For

In the end check how many answers were correct verses how many wrong. If you have more correct answers than wrong, congratulations as you both understand each other well. If there are more mismatching answers, don’t be disheartened. Rather take this as an opportunity to build perfect bond between each other. Afterall, no one is perfect, but we all can improve.

Playing with Wedding Shoes

If you want to use shoes, the concept remains the same. For answers where you think you are right, raise your sandals. (sandals represent you whereas groom’s shoe represent your husband). These are must know games for every wedding planner or organizer to exciting and eventful wedding ceremony.

Watch best wedding games and how to play using brides shoes and grooms sandals.

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