Best Way To Celebrate Your Pregnancy During COVID19 Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic has not only brought the world to its knee but for some it has left with long lasting impact.

Would be parents best way to celebrate pregnancy will alleviate concerns many couples have during COVID19 pandemic.

best way to celebrate

Small and nimble Coronavirus (COVID19) has wreck havoc throughout the globe. While many lives have been lost, couples are not sure if this is the best year to give birth to their children and grow the family. One of the major concern almost every couple have expressed was primarily related to conceiving during this pandemic. Take a look at this couples best way to celebrate wife’s pregnancy during COVID19 pandemic.

Pregnancy is important step in every woman’s life. The feeling to give birth to someone just like her can’t be expressed in words. It is the first step to transform from husband and wife to mom and dad. The thought of someone with tiny toes and hands always around her and requiring new mom’s attention is euphoric. It is also a natural step of progression in the life.

COVID19 Impact On Life And Best Way To Ignore It

best way to celebrate

The Coronavirus pandemic has added few new words to our dictionary


Social Distancing

Face covering

The terms which so far were treated as attack on democracy have now been widely accepted in mainstream life. As the exact cause how this virus spreads is unknown, scientist around the world still struggling to figure out the cure for this virus, many couples are holding off on starting a new phase in their life; parenting.

Mid-section of unrecognizable pregnant woman smiling and holding her big belly caringly against blue wall of childrens room

Plans to conceive and give birth to their child have been pushed until a vaccine is developed. Many couples of expressed their life dependence on development of a vaccine. The most important celebration has become submissive to this virus (pregnancy is long been celebrated as the epic moment of marriage life). To the parents sitting on the sidelines and anxiously waiting for a vaccine or cure for COVID19, here is the flip side of the coin. There are couples who chose to keep this virus out of their thoughts and pursue with their earlier plans.

This would be mom wanted to take her decision one step further. She wanted her child to know the circumstances under which his/her mom became pregnant and how important the baby’s arrival was for the would be mom and dad. Despite knowing the fact that pregnancy can put both mom and her unborn child into high risk category, the joy of starting new family was far exceeding the Coronavirus fear.


Ignore Events That Are Beyond Control

best way to celebrate

Picture speaks louder than thousand words. But when you combine the power of picture and words together, the effects are far reaching. This would be mother’s brilliant idea to carefully craft “onesie” or onesize to share her thoughts to her unborn child.

We hope this video will definitely help many couples to considered their decision and plan their life without bothering by uncontrollable events. Ignore the turmoil and celebrate your life’s important event.

This also proves how much a mother thinks about her child than anyone else is speechless.

Don’t let these pandemic or any other uncontrollable events take over your mental health. Life is full of unexpected turns and events which can easily depress you. The best way to fight back is to look beyond these events or sometimes even ignore them. Else, sometimes these negative thoughts can pull you into uncharted territory of depression. Take control of your own life and decide what is best for you than falling pray to the depression blues.

We want you to watch this mom’s best way to celebrate her pregnancy during COVID19. This truly is Inspiring video of would be mom on how to convert the pandemic into laughter.


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