Best Gift One Can Receive From Caretaker During Last Days Of Life | Expressions On The Old Man’s Face Will Surely Make You Cry

In the old age, one doesn’t expect much except small but precious memories.
The feelings and expression of joy on the old man’s face after receiving a small but very important gift will bring tears in your eye.

Best gift one can

Best gift one can receive from caretaker during last days of life. This is a story of an old man who received a very simple but most valuable gift from his caretaker. A very thoughtful gift planned by his caretaker has not only made his feel happy, but the excitement captured on the camera has made this moment nostalgic. Watching the expressions on the old man’s face will surely make you cry.

Ken is very old and living life alone after his wife’s death. After 40 plus years of married life, unfortunately, Ken’s wife passed away leaving him alone. But her memories was the only spirit has kept Ken in good health. Just like any other senior American, Ken is living in assisted living community Thistleton Lodge, and mostly dependent on his caretakers for his day to day needs.

As Ken misses his life partner, he has still kept his late wife close to his heart. Everyday he sleeps with his late wife’s photo. Seeing his dedicated love towards his late wife, the caretaker thought of gifting him something simple but very valuable to him. After noticing that Ken slept with a photo of his late wife every night, one of the carers at Thistleton Lodge presented him with an incredible gift.

Caretaker knocked on his door. Thinking that it’s usual routine check up, Ken answered the call and let the caretaker in.

The caretaker told Ken she has brought a gift for him.

Best gift one can

Will mild surprise on his face Ken wanted to know what the gift is. Person after certain age in life, especially Matching Ken’s age do not have much expectations. Their daily needs are meager and only limited to two times of food, medicines and small talks when someone is available.

Best gift one can

When the caretaker presented him with a pillow, at first he didn’t realize that this is not an ordinary pillow but a special one with his wife’s picture on it.

Best gift one can

After seeing the special gift, expressions on Ken’s face change from happiness to excitement and finally nostalgic.

Finally Ken broken down into tears of joy and happiness. Didn’t know how to thank his caretaker for this awesome gift, he was left speechless.

But the carer has received her appreciation back after seeing what joy her small gift has brought onto Ken’s face. You can get the orinted pillow for under $50 from Shutterfly. Though this gift is small, the joy and happiness it brought on Ken’s face is priceless.

If you too are feeling soft, you are not alone. Over 16 million viewers who have seen this video firsthand, had the same expression.

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