Beat The Summer Heatwave This Year By Using DIY Air Conditioner Life Hack And Empty Plastic Bottles

With the increasing threat of global warming, the summer is bringing unwanted surprises of unbearable heatwave and high temperature.

Beat the summer heatwave this year when you don’t have AC (Air Conditioner) using our easy to follow DIY Life Hack.


beat the summer heatwave

It’s no secret that the global warming is resulting in increase in temperature across planet. If you live in the tropical region, by now you may have been directly impacted by increase summer temperature. Even the cold places are not immune to the rising temperature. This year’s stark heatwave warning coupled with wildfire have kept Californians on brinks. Staying indoor with air conditioner controlled atmosphere is your best bet to battle the heatwave. But what if you don’t have an AC, can you still beat the summer heatwave this year.

The answer is yes and we are going to show you exactly how using our simple 5 minute DIY life hack to make AC at home using empty plastic bottles.


DIY Air Conditioner Life Hack


America is DIY nation and we all like to try recycling otherwise waste thing into something meaningful. That is the exact reason behind exploding popularity behind 5 minute hack or DIY life hack videos on YouTube, Facebook and other leading video platforms. Let’s get into action and cool down the temperature inside our home.

Things you will need 

  • 2 Empty Plastic bottles : You can use empty water bottles or soda bottles. Soda bottles are better as the plastic is stronger than regular water bolltes.
  • A Cutter
  • Water
  • Your Regular Table Fan

Without spending any penny out of pocket, we will convert our regular table fan into a cooling machine. This DIY cooling machine will give you the same effect as AC and cool down the room temperature on any hot day.

Using cutter, take out the base of the plastic bottles. Let the cap stay on.

When you cut the base, make sure to leave an edge so that the base will still be loosely connected to the bottle than separated.

Using the soldering gun, make holes along the side of the bottle near the base. If you don’t have a soldering gun, you can use any sharp needle like object such as nail or screw. For a quick and better results, heat up the tip of the nail over the burner flames and quickly pierce through the bottle. The bottom half of the bottle will now have holes around its all sides. Repeat these steps for your second empty bottle.

beat the summer heatwave

Once your bottles are ready, lets attached them to the fan. Using a thread or metal twine, attach the bottles to the back side of the fan. Make sure to firmly attach the bottles to the fan as we do not want these bottles to fall off or spill water into running fan.

beat the summer heatwave

Your set up is almost ready and now the next step is to add ice cubes in these bottles. Carefully place the ice cubes inside the bottles and that’s pretty much it.

beat the summer heatwave

Turn on your makeshift DIY AC and enjoy the cold air breeze. As the ice melts and form the water, you can collect the water by opening the cap of the bottle. Again fill the ice from the top of the (or half cut bottom portion) bottle.


DIY Beat The Summer Heatwave Hack For Lazy Folks

For those who are fond of DIY life hacks but don’t want to take some efforts, here is a quick cool trick for you. Using 2 little coke bottles, you can now make a slipper out of it. Just kidding.

If for some reason you are unable to follow these steps or do not want to spend time in building DIY ice holder, there is another simple way for lazy folks like you.

Take a bowl and pour some ice in it.

Now add water in the bowl.

beat the summer heatwave

Keep the bowl full of ice and water behind the fan.

beat the summer heatwave

As soon as you turn on the fan, a cool breeze will start flowing. Within few minutes you can find the temperature of you room has significantly gone down.


Beat The Summer Heatwave This Year

beat the summer heatwave

What else can help you other than buying the expensive Air conditioner (AC). Misting fan kit is another simple and cheaper option. It essentially offer the same technique as described in DIY AC life hack above. And for under $30, this can become your best survival option to stay cool and avoid the scorching summer heat.

The kit comes with a hose system that can easily fit your table top or outdoor fan. The mist nozzle is made from brass material, no blocking, no rusting and can be used for a long time. The misting fan kit is completely pre-assembled,and just connect it to faucet, then use. Delivers very fine mist to significantly cool the air in the hottest summer weather. The fan mist kit turns any fan into an air-cooled atomizing fan! In the hot summer, most fans tend to blow hot air, which is very painful. Just install our fan misting kit on the front grill of the existing fan to cool the surrounding air temperature. If you are hanging out in the courtyard, by the swimming pool, on the terrace or anywhere in the house, it is very suitable.

beat the summer heatwave

Save Your Money &Energy conservation and environmental protection. Misting fan cooling system directly use tap water to spray and cool down, no electricity consumption, no energy consumption, save more money for you, and be an environmentalist.

You ensure that it is installed on the fan shield and the spray direction of the nozzle is outward.So the fan doesn’t get wet,which is safe use. If you are looking for something expensive, there are misting fans available for over $200. With this DIY option for less than $30, you can easily convert your normal fan to the cold blowing air machine, just follow the instructions. For less than $50 I’ve got a great misting fan that I use on warm days. Easy to connect, has a full size roll of plumbers tape and everything you need to connect to your hose. If you’re looking for a misting fan, go the DIY route.

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