Backward Driving Chevy Truck Has Garnered Lot Of Attention In The State Of Missouri. Father And Son Have Created Excellent Engineering Masterpiece In Automobile Sector

backward driving Chevy truck

When you have ample time at hand and your mechanical skills are itching, sometimes miracles happen. A father and owner of old Chevy truck didn’t want to scarp his old truck. With hundreds of thousands of miles on odometer and sheer age of this truck, chances of getting anything out of it were slim. Instead of selling the truck at dirt cheap or scrapping it, the owner thought of an amazing idea to save his truck. There the idea of backward driving Chevy truck was born.


Truck Owners Are Most Loyal To Their Automobile

backward driving Chevy truck

More than car owners, the truck owners have been found to be more loyal to their automobile. Unlike the car owner, the truck becomes their buddy, part of family and the owner will do anything to protect their investment. That is the reason why so many decade old trucks with 200,000 to 300,000 miles on it are still running on the street.

The trucks are designed to last longer and become the best buddy when it comes to hauling huge payload.

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

As goes this saying, truck owners never forget the help their four wheeled buddy has offered. You may have heard cases where unlike cars, the truck doesn’t remain as truck but can be ‘Mark’, ‘Jack’, ‘Michael’ or ‘Joe’ for its owner. The delicate relationship between truck owner and his truck is beyond explainable.


Backward Driving Chevy Truck In Missouri

backward driving Chevy truck

When his Chevy truck grew older and no longer become a profitable asset, the owner was looking for ideas to salvage his truck. One thought was to gift this truck to his adult son. But how long he will manage the loss making truck was open question. Scrapping the truck was the last resort the owner wanted to avoid at all cost.

Using his engineering skills, the owner has thought of a completely new and novel idea. Hearing the idea, his son immediately came on-board. Both father and son duo has created an automotive masterpiece that defies all known principals of automobile industry.

backward driving Chevy truck

So fact the truck or car are designed in aerodynamic way to drive in one direction. How about reversing the engineering and making the truck drive backwards. The rear window now became the front window.

The engine was shifted from front to the back of the truck. The truck bed was completely covered to conceal the engine. The front of the truck now became storage place.

backward driving Chevy truck

Even the hitch was attached to the original front so if needed this truck can haul a trailer or container.

This unique design has now become centerpiece of attraction wherever this Chevy truck goes. Amazed by this unbelievable idea, many people are still finding it hard to grasp what this four wheeled beauty can do.

Till date, this unique truck has proven to be a head-turner and garnered lot of attention in Missouri, where it is registered. Father and son have really hit a masterstroke by acing their engineering skills.

Watch the backward driving Chevy truck in action below



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