Babies Are So Innocent And Funny At The Same Time

Babies Are So Innocent And Funny At The Same Time

This Video will remind all the dads to stay properly dressed in front of the babies as babies tend to be very innocent and in their innocent mind can produce lots of humor. The dad who has tattoos all over his body has never expected that showing off his tattoos to his newborn may not always be a good idea as the hungry baby has taught him a very good lesson.

Dad, I hope you have learnt your lesson today.

When his dad twitched, that was quite unexpected reaction to the little one and you can see he immediately felt shy. The baby was found to be confused as he/ she did not expect this reaction. The baby was confuse and intrigued at the same time.

The simple incident has gone viral and so far has amassed over 500K views. People can’t stop laughing at baby’s innocence and the fun it can produce. I also feel proud of the new dad as he candidly shared this embarrassing moment without feeling shy about it.

In another incident, a baby has given LOL reaction when tasted the ice cream first time. Sometimes the video speaks louder than the words. Very young baby’s reaction to tasting the ice-cream for the first time is priceless. I am sure every parent would beg for this memorable moment. Don’t worry, if you too are a new parent, check out blog regularly as we provide tons of viral ideas and trending baby videos so you can try them with your young ones.

Watch this video and see how the baby tries to grab ice-cream. My favorite part is that special look on her face! Her eyes got BIG and she went to work on that cone.

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