Awesome Video On TikTok. Frankly I Don’t Know How He Manage To Do It And If It’s All Real

Awesome Video On TikTok

Awesome Video On TikTok. Frankly I Don’t Know How He Manage To Do It And If It’s All Real. The user can be seen running very fast on the street. As you can see he can be seen moving fast but the speed at which he is moving is incredible.

Now one would think, he is riding a car or bike or something that can run faster, but then where is that vehicle.

Again he can be seen running on the railings by the roadside which is not possible for you unless you are on a skate board. Even the skateboard won’t make you go that fast. Hats of to the creator of this video who has thought of this concept and managed to produce such an awesome footage.

Here I be thinking did a barrel-roll : This is a drone looked up : nahh it’s a motorcycle and that a wheelie jumped off the rail: I think this guy is actually running but… under the rail : wtf is this?!! Scratched my head ten times but couldn’t figure out the exact technique behind this video. Scored through the numerous comments the viewers have posted but no one has a satisfactory justification or technology used in producing this video. Truly spectacular!

The video is trending on TikTok and Twitter and has already collected millions of views.

Anyway, watch this video and you decide. Let us know in the comments if you know the answer.


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