Avoid Stress Anxiety And Depression Using This Simple Stay Always Happy DIY Hack

Keeping our mind fresh and relaxed is not an easy thing. The motivational quotes emphasize the importance of positive thinking in the life. However it’s easy to say than done. Stressful and anxious mind makes it difficult to concentrate on the work or maintain healthy relationships. There are few proven techniques such as meditation and yoga that have long been adopted to relieve your mind from stressful thoughts. For the moment, let’s think outside box, try a very simple but novel technique, kind of DIY life hack. Avoid stress anxiety and depression using this simple method.

No doubt, life isn’t easy. Starting from the school days, the stressful life begins that continues well into college days and beyond. In college life too completing the homework or finishing assignments make our early days quite stressful. After finishing college, the struggle to survive in this competitive world begins, again stress. When we fail to achieve our life goals, our mind loses the sanity and there begins the unending era of anxiety and depression.

Not everyone become successful or achieve the celebrity kind of lifestyle full with money, fame and publicity. Some people learn to accept this new reality of life, whereas few can’t. Thoughts of failure and depression just can’t seem to go away. Then begins the worst phase of the life, anxious and depressed mind. Sometimes we can’t overcome the depression gloom and give ourselves a fresh start.


DIY Hack To Avoid Stress Anxiety And Depression

As part of depression treatment, notable Psychiatrist suggest to focus on your accomplishment than failure. That way all negative vibes will be subdued and over the period of time can become blunt. It is also important to accept our limitations than struggling for something unachievable.

But can you meet both ends to make ‘feel good moments‘ for you. Here is a simply DIY technique to keep your mood upbeat and always stay happy.

Avoid stress anxiety and

In the below case, one man’s achievement was to become famous, rich and the most eligible bachelor on the planet. But that’s wasn’t easy as his life was mired with many issues suchas

  • Living in rented apartment
  • Middle-class life
  • Same old car
  • Average physique
  • Average looks, hence overall below average personality


Mood Cheering DIY Life Hack

Avoid stress anxiety and

DIY method to stay happy and worry free. When you think outside box, there are simple ideas to follow to keep yourselves out of depression blues. A novel idea was born. This man created cutouts of “People’s Magazine“, a famous publishing dedicated to Celebrity News, Exclusives, Photos and Videos.

Necessity is mother of Creativity

Collected necessary photos and tags to mimic the magazine’s front page. Once all cutouts were ready, these assets were pasted against his vanity mirror.

Avoid stress anxiety and


Avoid stress anxiety and

Once the set-up was done, next step was easy. Everytime you look yourself in the mirror, you will find yourself as “The Most Sexiest Man Alive”.



Avoid stress anxiety and

Whether you are striking your best pose or brushing your teeth in the morning. The feeling of being the most famous celebrity will be enough to begin your day with new boost.

For those who are unable to find the celebrity within, try this idea and see if this can cheer up your mood and most importantly keep you falling into the worst cycle of anxiety and depression.

Here is the Stay Happy DIY life hack that will help avoid stress anxiety and depression blues. I am sure you will love this newly discovered secret to feeling beautiful every day.


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