Autism Spectrum Disorder Test To Know Early Warning Signs Of Autism Disorder (ASD)


Autism Spectrum Disorder Test : Self Assessment To Know If Your Child Has Symptoms Of Autism

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Does your child often find it difficult to organize his/her tasks and activities?

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While talking to you or anyone else, does your child takes frequent long pause?

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Does your child often miss to greet you with a smile?

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Does your child having trouble waiting for his/her turn?

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Does it seem that your child is not listening when being spoken to directly? (unable to make eye contact)

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Is your child too much obsessed to his/her favorite toy?

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Do you feel your child is unable to respond to your commands or his/her responses are incoherent?

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Are their instances where your child wrongly refer other person (referring "you" as "I")?

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Does your child find it difficult to follow the directions?

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Does your child fail to pay close attention to details?

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Does your child tend to talk excessively?

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Does your child fidget with his/her hands and feet or tend to turn around a lot when seated?

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Does your child find it difficult to use common gestures?

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Engage your kid in a conversation. Observe how he/she talks. Does your child talk in monotonous way or flat voice?

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Does your child often fail to differentiate between you and other parents?

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Does it happen that your child is getting easily distracted?

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Are their instances where your child use wrong gender when referring his/her friends?

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Do you often miss what is being said to you during conversations? (If you are taking this test for your child, does your child often loses the track of conversation)

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When your child is talking, do you feel his/her responses are delayed? (your child responds late and sometimes after the previous topic is over)

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Do you find it difficult to pay attention on what you are doing, whether it is working or playing? (if this test is for your child, answer accordingly)


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Autism disorder or ASD is observed in children of 3 years and older. A disorder that is commonly attributed to delayed speech or missing language skills is result of genetic disorder. Research has concluded that genetic mutations (also known as genetic changes) and genetic disorder is main cause behind Autism disorder. Autism spectrum disorder test is designed to check presence of clinical signs of autism.

Each child is unique and sometimes exhibit personalities different from other children’s of same age. It is difficult to diagnose autism spectrum disorder at such early age. As a parent if you suspect whether your kid is suffering from autism disorder, check for the presence the below listed clinical signs. Most importantly, immediately consult with your child’s primary care physician as your child’s doctor can conduct through medical examination to conclude the presence of ASD.


12 Commonly Found Clinical Signs Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism disorder or ASD affects persons social and behaviour skills. Commonly observed clinical signs of ASD are

  • Monotonous or flat voice
  • Unable to follow and respond to common gestures
  • Delayed Speech
  • Lack of common gestures in child’s behaviour (or unable to use most common gestures)
  • Wrongly referring other person (some children refer “you” as “I”)
  • Not making eye contact with others
  • Not responding to a parent’s smile or other gestures
  • Repeating actions for a prolonged period of time. (some children shows repetition of rocking, spinning, or flapping of hands)
  • Unable to make eye contact while talking
  • Slow progress in learning the language skills
  • Extreme obsession for an object, most likely a toy
  • Difficulty in following any changes in the routine



Autism Spectrum Disorder Screening Process

Autism Spectrum Disorder Test

When you have a “regular” child, you feel reasonably assured that the class participation and decent study habits will result in good grades. These kids have close friends. They get invited to participate in social things like dances and weekend gatherings. They make the teams, auditioned organizations and clubs.

But when you have a child with certain differences, this is often not the case. Learning may take longer, both academically and socially. Despite their tremendous efforts, results are often a fraction of their peers and social acceptance is fleeting, setting them up for painful comparisons and bitter frustration. Instead of a fun and fulfilling experience, school can become a breeding ground for depression and anxiety and assignment a battle ground at home. It is exhausting for parent and child alike.

There is as such no test to detect presence of Autism in the children however the psychologist mainly reply on observing child’s behaviour to find any of the above mentioned 12 signs. Your medical professional may also conduct certain tests to check your child’s ability to make decisions and thinking skills.

If results show signs of ASD, your provider may refer you to specialists for more testing and/or treatment. These specialists may include

Developmental pediatrician – A doctor who specializes in treating children with special needs.
Neuropsychologist – to understand and study the relationship between the your child’s brain and behavior.
Psychologist – mental health experts in treating mental health and behavioral, social, and development issues in children.


Autism Spectrum Disorder Test

The test consist of series of questions based on ASD clinical signs and symptoms. Your inputs will determine whether your child shows visible signs of autism and that whether further diagnosis is needed. This 20 question quiz style test is developed to analyze presence of any clinical signs of Autism (ASD). This test is not a substitute for medical advice. We strongly recommend to consult with your child’s primary care physician to understand best course of action and any future treatment needed to treat the autism in your child.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Test

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For all children who struggle every day to succeed & for those who are walking beside them, please let this be a gentle reminder to be kind to ALL people. Spread the awareness and spread the love.

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