Attention Seeking Husband’s Novel Idea To Grab Attention Of Workaholic Wife During Quarantine | Collection Of Funny Zoom Conference Fails Shows No Encryption Can Stop Zoom Bombing

When your husband wants to make your zoom video calling interesting, this is how they spice it up.

Pay little attention to your family from your busy schedule, else you get zoombombed

Attention seeking husband's novel idea

Attention seeking husband’s novel idea to grab attention of workaholic wife during quarantine. The collection of examples of funny Zoom fails show no matter what Zoom does, how much try encrypt their network, the zoom bombing is unstoppable when you have unruly husband or attention seeker family members.

Curiosity is mother of invention, this saying is so aptly to husbands who are either curious to see what their wife is doing or attention seekers and want their wife to stop the work and pay attention to them. In some of the cases the photobombing or video bombing resulted in juicing up hour long bored meetings.

The collection of funny Zoom conference fails shows no encryption can stop zoom bombing.

Attention Seeking Husband’s Cosplay during wife’s zoom video conference

Attention seeking husband's novel idea

Wife is a director of marketing and in the days of coronavirus pandemic, the pressure to maintain the sale is high. Naturally, you need to spend more hours working from home. In the days of quarantine, your natural way to communicate with others is through Zoom video conferencing.

But what if your husband wants to juice up your meeting using cosplay.

Attention seeking husband's novel idea

Something like that happened to one user. Here is her experience.

It started with cosplay. The hubby use to wear different costumes and zoombomb her conference. His cosplay played a very important role as other participants found it funny, a good entertaining background.

For those who are looking to change your zoom video background, this is an easy trick. When your husband does cosplay, it form a scenic and lively background.

Seeing no effect on wife’s work schedule which was day by day increasing during quarantine, husband decided to up the game. As soon as the zoom conference begins, he use to be there even before the other participants can his wife. Perfectly dressed up as Batman or Rodeo, he has brought all the wild imaginations come true moment.

My husband has a new quarantine hobby of Zoom bombing my conference calls. The colleagues I’m meeting with always see him before I do. Never a dull moment in this household! #zoombombing #quarantine

Initially the wife fully focused on the work didn’t pay much attention to the background fun going during her meetings but after seeing that other members are more interested as to what her husband today will be, the camera angle was shifted more towards him.

Result beautiful zoom conference video memories were created and so is the list of Zoom video fails.

When husband accidentally joins your Zoom video call in underwear

We all experience embarrassment once in a while. Only difference is severity of those awkward moments. If it’s too awkward and embarrassing, stays as stigma entire life.

It may be entertaining to watch the funny fails for us as a viewer but it’s no fun for the someone impacted by it. This beauty was in he middle of her zoom video conference, everything was going on well as planned but suddenly the blooper moment came in.

In the quarantine days, though you are working from home, many professionals take precautions on how they are presented themselves on the camera. Getting ready, dressed up properly are important work ethics to follow for anyone working from home these days. The woman dressed up and was ready for her video conference.

However, that wasn’t the case with her husband. The soccer fan was still in his night dress. As the video conference progress, the husband jumped in the background just wearing the underwear. As soon as the wife spotted his awkwardly dressed hubby, she indicated him to move out of video scene. In the scramble to go out of scene, poor hubby ended up bumping onto the wall adding panic to already chaotic scene.

This was proving great entertainment for other participants for the poor woman it was quite depressing. You can see the sudden change of expressions on her face. After a brief pause, the show must go on. She manage to laugh off the moment and continued with the meeting but hey, the damage was already done creating one of the most viral Zoom conference video funny fail.


When Zoom Video Background change fails

Zoom, uncommon until Coronavirus pandemic is now a household name. Almost everyone became familiar with video conferencing software out of work necessity. Same goes true for other major leading players in this space as Microsoft Skype, Micorsoft Team, Google Classroom. Zoom video tool has gained popularity, fame and notoriety too. In the quest of improving your online meeting experience, the company has deployed many tools such as change the filter or change your conference background.

Since the technique is new, it becomes difficult for those who are less technology savvy. Result, your attempt to use all these much touted features not always go well.

Twitter user Rachele on , shared her funny story about Zoom conference background fail.

Attention seeking husband's novel idea

In her words, my boss turned herself into a potato on our Microsoft teams meeting and can’t figure out how to turn the setting off, so she was just stuck like this the entire meeting.

When you don’t know how to adjust your camera or choose right camera angle

Attention seeking husband's novel idea

This is how you present yourself during Zoom Video Meeting and when meeting ends

Attention seeking husband's novel idea

Picture speaks louder than thousand words. Instead of using words, I am going to show you video of user when she was actually in the zoom video conference and watch the change of expression as soon the meeting ended.

Unfortunately, she didn’t realize the camera was on and other were still able to see her. Watching her sudden change of expressions, I couldn’t control my laughter.

This is what everyone looks like at the end of a video when they’re stopping the video. I avoid this situation when video-calling my bf by hanging up when he’s in the middle of saying “I love you”


When your hand goes inside your underwear while on the camera

This fail is not during the conference but after the conference has ended but the camera stayed on. You end a long lasting zoom video conference, your body is feeling the ache of sitting at one place for hours and hour so it’s time to stretch the body. But what if you do all these things on the camera.

The conference went well and it’s time to park away. While all were lazily wrapping up, one users quick alacrity caught attention by others. Though he was dressed well on top, below the waist the man was just in his undies.

This has grabbed the attention of the only female participant. As the show continued, the man can be seen stretching himself. The icing on top moment came when he finally inserted hands in his underwear and started scratching his chicks. Gently messaging them too.

Now the shock and awe has turned into laughter. The user unknowing that the camera is on, with his back towards the camera continued doing his other activities which has brought not only laughter but it made a worst Zoom Conference video fail.

Finally someone caught hold of the user over phone. As soon as he was informed that others are still seeing him, it was such an embarrassment.

You can see the hustle and speed at which he has rushed to the camera to turn it off. But in vein, the fun was captured on the Zoom video. Epic Zoom video fails and how your zoom video conference can go bad and hilariously funny.


When you take conference meeting as opportunity to dye your hair

You may mute your audio and assuming that no one is listening to you, continue with other affairs. There are numerous cases where people attend the meeting just for the sake of it but rather continue doing their day to day activities.

Here is a classic case. The conference was huge with 750 participants. In addition to sitting through a Zoom Bomb where some idiots shouted racial slurs, this woman decided it was time to dye her hair and forgot to turn off the camera during a NYS SBA loan presentation with 750 people on it.

How users annoy others when on Zoom video conference

First class of the day, Professor asks us to unmute our Mic’s to make the classroom setting on zoom more “real”. Now listening to lecture plus 2 people breathing heavily and 1 munching on chips loudly into the mic.

There are basic etiquette every one joining over video conference must follow. Here is a quick list of Zoom Conference Video etiquette every user must follow

  • Mute yourself when not talking
  • Turn off camera when leaving the conference
  • Confine yourself in an isolated area or separate room when attending Zoom video conference or working from home
  • Avoid interaction with other family members
  • Try to be polite. As you are frustrated due to prolonged lockdown, so are others too.
  • Dress up properly for the video conference meeting
  • Keep your desk or table neat and tidy so the other meeting participants won’t be annoyed by seeing the mess at your end
  • Keep your pets away. People come to talk to you for business purpose not to see and cuddle your pets
  • Ask kids to stay away from your work desk as this can lead to distraction
  • Most important, make sure your husband is wearing full dress and not roaming around in undergarments.


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