Attention seeking cow can behave like your dog. Hilarious TikTok video gone viral

In the end when the cow does her part, this man is left in awe sitting on the street trying to understand what’s just happened. I am amazed the timing of the person who has shot this video. I am sure he did not have any idea and he must have been patiently waiting for something else. The person with camera got unexpected drove of treasure when the cow unexpectedly mounted on our poor guy pushing him to the ground under her weight.

Who knows maybe the cow is returning the favor. After this interaction, I am sure this dude was smelling good like a fresh cow that the other cow (or Ox got attracted to him) and did something hilarious like this

Another hilarious angel of animal kingdom and pets world. Next time make sure you don’t smell like a female cow thus warranting unnecessary attraction from their dudes.

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