Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Test To Know If You Or Your Family Members Are Suffering From It

ADHD is very commonly observed mental disorder in children. The symptoms and attention deficiency continues well into adulthood.


The ADHD test is created to analyze if you show any symptoms of ADHD and thus meet the clinical criteria of diagnosis for ADHD. This Test is applicable to every age and both male and female



Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Test

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Is it difficult for you to read a book in a group?

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Do you often lose, misplace, or damage something that is necessary, in order to get your tasks done (e.g., your phone, eyeglasses, paperwork, wallet, keys, etc.).?

3 / 28

Do you forget to do something from your regular activities, such as missing an appointment or paying a bill?

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Do you make careless mistakes at work, in school, or in other activities?

5 / 28

Do you find it difficult to follow instructions and fail to finish a given task?

6 / 28

Do you often miss what is being said to you during conversations?

7 / 28

Do you fail to pay close attention to details?

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Do you forget things from your daily activities?

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When you feel lazy, you do not like talking with anyone else?

10 / 28

Do you sometimes have difficulty making eye contact?

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Do you sometimes lose things required for your tasks or activities (e.g. books / tools / files)?

12 / 28

Do you run about or climbs in situations in which it is inappropriate?

13 / 28

Do you feel anxious after being careless?

14 / 28

Do you have any difficulty in interrupting or intruding on others (e.g. Interrupts in conversations/games) or waiting in turn (e.g. in a queue)?

15 / 28

Do you tend to talk excessively?

16 / 28

Do you sometimes try to concentrate but are unable to pay attention to anything?

17 / 28

Do you find it difficult to pay attention on what you are doing, whether it is working or playing?

18 / 28

Do you have difficulty in playing or engaging in leisure activities quietly?

19 / 28

Does your habit of forgetting the things frustates you a lot?

20 / 28

Do you sometimes face difficulty in recognizing things?

21 / 28

Do you have difficulty organizing tasks and activities?

22 / 28

After meeting an out of the ordinary person, do you have trouble remembering their face?

23 / 28

Do you sometimes feel restless or agitated?

24 / 28

Do you fidget with your hands and feet or tend to turn around a lot when seated?

25 / 28

Are you easily distracted?

26 / 28

Do you have trouble waiting for your turn?

27 / 28

Do you avoid, dislike, or reluctantly engage in tasks that require sustained mental effort?

28 / 28

Does it seem that you are not listening when being spoken to directly?


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What is ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD Test to know if you or your family members are suffering from it. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder where a person suffering from it lacks ability to concentrate and focus on things. ADHD can be observed in both adults and children. It is important to know that ADHD is common neurobehavioral disorders of childhood which often lasts into adulthood. The ADHD test focuses on identifying commonly observed 28 conditions and symptoms.

ADHD test

Your inputs are valuable to assess if you are suffering from ADHD or show any signs of suffering from it. The ADHD symptoms also vary from person to person as no two persons are alike.

Common ADHD symptoms

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

As no two people are alike, the ADHD symptoms vary from person to person. However below is the list of commonly observed symptoms associated with ADHD mental disorder.

  • Trouble remembering their faces of person you meet
  • Unable to remember things even after concentrating hard
  • Difficulty in recognizing things
  • Difficulty in making eye contact
  • Do not find pleasure in talking to others, rather as much as possible you tend to avoid others
  • Prone to commit mistakes at work or in school
  • Unable to follow routine activities such as taking meal on time
  • Forgetting to pat bills or missing appointments
  • Excessive talking
  • Trouble waiting in line or waiting for your turn to speak
  • Often fidgeting with your hands and feet
  • Feeling restless and agitated


Here is an example shows the uncontrollable agitation by a kid suffering from ADHD. In the sports arena, the kid suffering from ADHD from birth became excited to see his favorite sports person. In excitement he started prodding the pro NBA player while sitting on his father’s shoulder.

The uncontrollable prodding has irate Memphis Grizzlies pro player. Fortunately the kid was able to meet his favorite NBA player but not always the situation may work in your favor.

Watch how Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can result in uncontrollable habits in this video below


How ADHD test can help

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Take this test to analyze if there are any possible signs of ADHD. If your results show mild to severe signs of ADHD, we suggest that you consult a mental health professional so that he assesses and confirms the results of the questionnaire, examines your medical history and the gravity of your symptoms, and decides if you need treatment. This way, he may give you tools that will help you solve your problem.

The test is created for every age and both male and female. For the results showing moderate to high confirming ADHD symptoms, then you are suffering from this disorder. You can also take autism test and dyslexia test for getting more insight about ADHD. If you have cognitive or memory problems then we suggest to also take dementia test.

ADHD can be a gift

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

But there is a silver lining to the ADHD problem. The brains of a child or adult suffering from ADHD is complicated at the same time most amazing gift, as nature tries to counterset the attention deficiency by augmenting other skills. This is evident from the fact that many successful people in the world were or are still suffering from ADHD. ADHD often leads to most intelligent and creative minds in the world.

Possible treatment of ADHD mainly focuses on

  • Increase Attention and Focus
  • Stabilize Moods
  • Reduce Anger Issues
  • Improve Social Abilities
  • Reduce Intrusive Thoughts



This test doesn’t substitute for a medical advice. In case of doubts or when seeking help, always consult with your medical health providers to explain your issues or concerns so that can suggest best way to remedy it.


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