Assertiveness Personality Test Are Your Able To Stand Up For Yourself And Reassert Your Rights Before Other People’s Demands


Assertiveness Personality Test Are Your Able To Stand Up For Yourself And Reassert Your Rights Before Other People’s Demands

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Do you find it difficult to ask others a favor?

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Do you find it very hard to say "no"?

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Do you have problems or find it difficult to socialize quickly?

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Do you often conciliate with others for fear of offending or not pleasing them?

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Do you find it difficult to defend yourself before others?

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Do youI get nervous or feel uneasy in front of an authority figure?

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If someone does something that upset you, do you have any problems reproaching him for his behavior?

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Do you make an effort to avoid offending other people even when they have upset you?

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I like interacting with people, regardless of their age or sex.

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Can you express your opinions easily?

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Do you find it easy to make others listen to you and follow your plans?

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When you make a mistake, do you criticize yourself or can't help but punish yourself?

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Do you feel that people often take advantage of you?

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Do you find it difficult to express your thoughts in the presence of others?

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Do you find it difficult to express your thoughts for fear of being rejected by others?

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Do you get nervous when you have to speak in public?

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Do you let other people get you involved in situations that you do not like?

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Do you feel embarrassed when introducing yourself to unknown people?

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I have hesitated about asking for or accepting dates out of shyness or timidity.

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Do you find it difficult to disagree with other people?

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Do you avoid discussions because the conversation and or arguments make you feel very nervous?

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Do you find it difficult to show your true feelings in the presence of others?

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When you are in a group, do you find it difficult to make decisions?


How much you enjoyed this quiz.

Assertiveness personality test are your able to stand up for yourself and reassert your rights before other people’s demands. Assertiveness is a special personality trait, a gifted ability where you can confidently put forth your opinions without being aggressive. In a very practical manner stand up for your rights, let your voice be heard in a proper way without acting as bully. Assertiveness is the capacity to reassert your rights before other people’s demands, without being aggressive or resorting to violence. An assertive person knows how to respect others without leaving self-respect aside.

Being Assertive Is A Good Sign

It is a social skill that allows us to communicate in a positive way, conveying our opinions, emotions, wishes and needs, but always respecting other people.

Assertiveness is the middle point between inhibited attitudes, typical of shy or insecure people, and violent attitudes, characteristic of aggressive and selfish ones.

If you are an assertive person, you will benefit from great advantages, such as feeling confident about saying “no” whenever necessary, asserting your rights and accepting others’ criticism without letting your self-esteem be impaired.

Do the following test and find out if you are an assertive person or if, on the contrary, you need to change your way of relating and communicating with others.


How Assertiveness Test Can Help

Assertiveness Personality Test

The Assertiveness personality test comprises 23 quiz type questions. Based on your inputs, the results will determine your level of assertiveness. Normal to high level of assertiveness is preferred and  sign of how healthy your behavior is. This also gauge whether you are socially confident, able to stand up for yourself and confidently express your opinion without becoming submissive out of fear towards other.

Based on your answers to the questionnaires, should the result determine that you have low level of assertiveness. It implies that you are a person with feelings of insecurity or defenselessness before others or in life, and although you have good personal skills, lack of assertiveness causes great fear and the need to escape from difficult situations; therefore, it is likely that some aspects in your life are affected by this.

Do not let this deficiency stop you from expressing yourself as this may lead to depression. If you have concerns about your mental health, consult with your medical service provider or psychiatrist to review the results of this test and understand if any treatment is needed

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