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Source Indirect and Direct Materials

In today’s globalized world, enterprises recognize the value of well-run and efficient supply chains. However, organizations struggle to have up-to-date information about their suppliers, which can prevent them from achieving their full potential. Unfortunately, there have not been many solutions available for sourcing indirect and direct materials that also manage the source-to-contract process. Separate processes can drive up IT costs and increase contract leakage. It can also limit a business’s savings and lead to missed communication between internal teams. SAP Ariba’s Strategic Sourcing Suite provides companies the tools to lower costs, improve quality, and enhance performance across their entire supply chains.

What is Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite?

SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite allows you to manage your sourcing, contracts and spending for both indirect and direct materials. Increase your savings by cutting down high cost materials, refining your supplier selection process, and creating contracts that increase your savings.

The Strategic Sourcing Suite integrates with other solutions from SAP such as ERP, PLM, and MM. By meshing Sourcing and Product Design teams, you can get your products to market at a much quicker rate. You also have the ability to forecast product costs for complex, bill of materials. This way, you are able to negotiate better savings with your suppliers.



End-to-End Process Management

Including Sourcing, Product Specification, and Contract Management – reduce contract leakage

Product Lifecycle Sourcing

Integration to SAP Product Lifecycle Management, Materials Management, and Vendor Management

Negotiation and Supplier Selection

Have full control of your supplier selection and increase savings

Complex BOM Costing

Have detailed analyses for better cost estimates and overall pricing

Supplier Qualification and Monitoring

Determine which suppliers meet your standard of compliance by analyzing their response rates, timeliness, and quality.



Identify new opportunities for savings by modeling product costs      


Organize and structure all purchases by better managing your bill of materials


Standardize processes across the company and with vendors through the contract management functionality


Optimize savings across all spend categories by having all processes under one solution


Reduce risk by finding suppliers that meet your company’s standards on the Ariba Network



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