Are You Lesbian Quiz Will Analyze If You Are Attracted To Women More Than Men | Lesbian Means Expressing Yourself And Share Passion and Support For Your Partner

When a woman is predominantly attracted to another woman than men is characterized as Lesbian behaviour.

Not all cases of a woman’s attraction towards another woman surmount to lesbian behaviour. Are you lesbian quiz will try to analyze your natural inclination.


Are You Lesbian Quiz

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Assuming you have kissed a girl in the past and you regretted it. Would you like to do it again?

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What is your hair color?

3 / 18

Have you ever noticed looking at other girls without even thinking about it.

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Do you prefer straight and long hair or other styles suit your personality?

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Do you exhibit extreme behaviour such as too shy or extremely picky when a boy approaches you asking for a date?

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Are you lately finding making excuses to go on a date with a boy?

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If you were at an all-girls party and wanted to play the games, spin the bottle and 7 min in heaven, your choice of game is?

8 / 18

Have you ever had feelings for another woman or even think that you may be in love with her.

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Among these female artist which is more attractive?

10 / 18

Have you ever kissed a girl or have wanted to?

11 / 18

Imagine yourself dating or kissing, or even just holding hands with your girlfriend. What are your first thoughts?

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A story of famous female celebrity and her affection towards another woman making headlines on Vanity Fair. Do you find it intriguing or very interesting?

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Do you find yourself lingering more on girl's profile than the men on dating site?

14 / 18

Imagine yourself dating or kissing, or even just holding hands with an attractive boy. What are your first thoughts?

15 / 18

Have you ever tried drugs in the past and want to try is again?

16 / 18

Do you find yourself checking out other girls photos and compare them?

17 / 18

Do you enjoy reading or listening story about insecure women?

18 / 18

If a girl is interested in you and approached you expressing her feeling openly towards you. What would you do?


How much you enjoyed this quiz.


Are you lesbian quiz will analyze if you are attracted to women more than men. In many countries this undue attraction between two women is considered as unhealthy or against god’s wish. However, as the society is progressing, we have now slowly started understanding woman’s personality, liking and even love for another woman.


A homosexual woman who experiences emotional, romantic love or sexual attraction to another woman


In US and some European countries people are openly embracing lesbian couple similar to opposite sex spouses. Many countries not legally allow the same sex marriages. (gay and lesbian).

If you are a lesbian or feel more attracted towards women than men, this quiz will analyze your responses to see if this is just ordinary attraction or you are in love with another woman thus characterizing your affection as lesbian.

Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality ensures equality in healthcare for lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer (LGBTQ) individuals & providers. Lesbian means expressing yourself and share passion and support for your partner.

How’s Are You Lesbian Quiz Can Help

Are you lesbian – Series of quiz style questions will try to understand the innerside of you, unexplored corner and your feelings towards another attractive men and women. If the results confirms that you indeed are a lesbian, you may have some questions may be how about the first time sex or how to express your love to your female partner or what if the woman you love is not a lesbian and hence won’t accept your love.

Just because you are attracted to another woman doesn’t immediately characterize you as a lesbian. In fact you may be bisexual, pansexual, queer, or even heterosexual.


Lesbian means passion and caring nature

Are You Lesbian Quiz

There is very little information available on the sexual life of a lesbian couple or what makes a woman to love another woman over a man. The lack of information and awareness leads to many myths such as one woman has to play man’s part or leading role in the relationship.

The fact states otherwise. It;s just two beautiful personalities attracted towards each other.

  • Lesbian means passion and sacrifice
  • Offering mental and psychological support to your partner
  • A form of unique relationship to womanhood
  • Way of gender expression and being honest
  • Sign of freedom and strength


Being a lesbian creates a complicated relationship with womanhood that goes against what we are taught womanhood “is” our entire lives.


Not every lesbian is a woman but no lesbian is a man and that’s on non-binary lesbians, We exist! we thrive! and we’re not going anywhere.


Over the period of time sexuality/identity within sexuality can shift and change for people. A person can stay bisexual for a long time and then realize shift in her liking or behaviour including sexual orientation. As things change, attractions shifted, the woman can become lesbian. That doesn’t mean she has to stop being a bisexual. Being lesbian is about most important aspect of womanhood, honesty and ability to openly express yourself. Now think again and tell me are you a lesbian?

Take are you lesbian quiz to know more about the hidden corner of your mind, express your desire and be honest to accept who you are or what you are.

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