Are you Kety Perry or Kim Kardashian in real life. Take this quiz and discover your inner soul


Are you Kety Perry or Kim Kardashian in real life. Take this quiz and discover yourself

You like celebrity life. But do you have it in you. Are you living their life. Let's find out if you live Kety Perry's life or more like Kim Kardashian. This quiz can tell you who do you like more between Kim and Kety. Lovers of Controversy, excitement, fun and amusement, here is your opportunity to see and judge the Celebrities through own lenses. The good thing about this quiz is this is your opportunity to see if you truly are ready to live like them or admire what they are be happy in your life.

Quizzes like this are healthy as they keep your mind and brain fresh and for the young minds they provide a trove of information in one go. Let's go for it!

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So take a breath, stop whatever you’re doing, and get ready to have a little fun. This three-minute escape is exactly what you need!

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Do you love your chest?


Question Image

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What do you love more
Rap or Pop?

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Tell me honestly, which one you prefer? (think carefully, this question has lot of deep meaning)

Question Image

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Is life better when you are shameless. You care for nothing and no one. Or one should live with grace?


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Does you mom take your videos?


Question Image

6 / 17

Do you believe in god?


Question Image

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Do you like to live with fake or real?


Question Image

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Do you love your mom or like her? (again think carefully)

Question Image

9 / 17

Which one is better? (think carefully, don't go by the gloss)


Question Image

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24 X 7 Cameras around you. Will you still enjoy it?


Question Image

11 / 17

You like to show off or share?


Question Image

12 / 17

Family or family that makes money for me?


Question Image

13 / 17

Which one is better?


Question Image

14 / 17

What taste better
Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate

Question Image

15 / 17

Are you lucky? Have you got everything you deserve in life.


16 / 17

Do you think you have made bad choices in the life. Would you rather change your life if gets a chance to go several years back.
(Think as a celebrity you love)

17 / 17

Net worth or gold digger?


Question Image

How much you enjoyed this quiz.


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