Are Bison Really Scary And Should You Keep Safe Distance From Them

Are Bison Really Scary

Are Bison Really Scary And Should You Keep Safe Distance From Them. If you were thinking why the NBC reporter going viral on Twitter after a herd of bison came walking towards him while he was reporting at Yellowstone National Park. By nature, bison are not aggressive but should you still be afraid of them. Well the answer is yes and no. Here is our take on bison and their behaviour. 

Size Does Matter

Are Bison Really Scary

Bison are strong and heavy mammals. The American bison can weigh anywhere from the upwords of 1500 pounds to 2200 pounds. Imagine a 2200 lb animal charging at you. The velocity coupled with its sheer mass is sufficient to trample anything that comes it way. Second, the bison once charged, themselves find it difficult to control own speed. It’s quite similar to heavily loaded speeding truck and how it can’t control the speed on the downhill slope. The momentum its extra weight gives makes the runaway truck living bomb on the freeway. As the bison can’t control its speed, chances are high that it may injure itself.

Watch how this Indian Bison has put everyone on alert while wandering on a busy street. Looking at the massive size, you will see people on both sides of the street ran for the safety thus allowing this giant bison walk freely.

Are Bison Really Scary

Since there was no one in his way, the bison did not cause any harm to people of property.

Giant bison scared people in India – Video


Are bison aggressive

Are Bison Really Scary

American bison so far haven’t proven to be aggressive unless they feel their existence is threatened. On the contrary, the largest extant Bovine, is native to South & SE Asia can be very aggressive. Rare to see in markets or public places. This otherwise calm and quite species can suddenly have mood swing which is when all hell broke loose.

Bison like fresh air

Are Bison Really Scary

When transporting the bison from one place to another, naturally they are kept confined and isolated. When the time comes to let them go in outside atmosphere, one has to be very careful before opening door of bison cage. As you can see, when these bison were brought to Canada, the rangers were been warned to be extra careful before setting them free. As you can see from the video below, as soon the door opened, these bison immediately started galloping in the open. This enthusiasm can prove to be dangerous to the rangers or shepherds.


Are bison smelly

Bison meat tastes good but same is not the case with this furry cattle. When you go close to the bison, you will get strong odor and if you are allergic or have sensitive nose, it’s always better to avoid close proximity to them.

Are Bison Really Scary

The Yellowstone National Park is a federal land. Been declared as national park, this park houses all sorts of wild life. And in the wild only one rule prevails, survival of the fittest. Abiding to this very rule of wild life, bison found here can be very aggressive and pose serious threat to mankind compared to the one you find at the farm. So when the NBC reporter Deion Broxton was constantly keeping one eye on the herd of bison, he was very right and acted in proper manner.

As you can see from his expression, he was little scared and finally made the right call to save himself from this giant mammals.

The video of this incident has been posted on NBC and Deion’s Twitter account. Watch the scary encounter Deion had with the group of bison at Yellostone National Park. The video has gone overnight viral with 10 million plus views and every leading news site posting this very viral story. Just google it and you will see how this reporter’s encounter with bison has become trending and trendsetter.

Are Bison Really Scary And Should You Keep Safe Distance From Them. I would say, its always better to keep safe distance from them.

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