Another Giant squid has been discovered. This time the scientists have made new discovery

Another Giant squid has been discovered

Another Giant squid has discovered. This time the scientist know the logic behind their existence and new discoveries were been made by extracting DNA from a single giant squid. Since a giant squid has never been caught and kept alive before, sadly the DNA sample came from a dead giant squid.

Another Giant squid has been discovered

Back in 2013, in Japan at the sea of Ogasawara the below video of another Giant squid was captured. A giant squid has been filmed in its natural habitat in the deep sea for the first time. Video was shot from a manned submersible in 100 dives over 400 hours

See the rare encounters human had with a live giant squid in the past below.

Up until 2006, most of our clues about the giant squid’s very existence came in the form of their washed-up, slimy corpses on beaches or through their beaks, which have been uncovered from the bellies of sperm whales. When the first-ever live footage of a giant squid was captured that year, just off of Japan’s Ogasawara Islands, we caught our first real glimpse of the magnificent cephalopod while still alive.

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