Animal Farting Quiz : Do Animals Fart Loud And Smelly


Animal Kingdom - Animal Farting Science Quiz

Want to know more about animals farting habits. Who farts more and loud verses which animal is less smelly. The Internet Asks “Does It Fart?” And Science Answers. As much as we may be loath to admit it, everybody farts. You have seen incidents where people blame dogs or cats to hide their magical sprays when in public. But how much scientifically we know about these animals and their farting habits. But not all farts are created equal—some animals don’t fart at all while use their stench strategically. Knowing the science and scientific facts is fun and as you learn, you may want to know more.

Zoologist Dani Rabaiotti and ecologist Nick Caruso discovered this when they set out to write the only book you’ll ever need on the subject: Does It Fart? The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence.

Take this quiz to build your general knowledge about animals around us.tgfrGeneral knowledge based quizzes have proven to be a good mental exercise and beneficial to your brain.

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Which of the these mammals whether fart or not is still a puzzle for the scientist ?

(all studies were inconclusive and no clear answer was found till date)

Question Image

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Which of these water animals is a known farter?

Question Image

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Do sloths fart?



Question Image

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Which of the following animals fart was explored to solve the climate change ?


Question Image

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Which animal farts the loudest

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Among all known species, which animal farts a lot


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Which animal farts smell bad

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One of these animals is a “butt-breather.” Which is it?

(can fart and breathe oxygen using the same organ)

Question Image

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Do spiders fart?



Question Image

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The larvae of the moth-like beaded lacewing use their farts for which useful purpose


Question Image

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