Amazing Science iPhone Charger Made From Fruits Banana And Orange | Life Saving Hack When You Are Stranded On Remote Island Without Electricity

Amazing science iPhone charger

Life Saving Hack When You Are Stranded On Remote Island Without Electricity

Amazing Science iPhone Charger Made From Fruits Banana And Orange. Can you believe some of the simple but novel scientific experiments. Learn these simple life saving hacks as it can come handy when you run out of resource. Imagine for those living in tornado or flood prone areas, chances are that you may end up loosing electricity.

As we have mentioned in earlier post “How To Survive Dooms Day Scenario A Video Guide Teaching How To Hunt Cook And Stay Alive

External juice pack or back-up chargers are important as they can extend the life of your phone or laptop until the electricity is restored. Even if you are affected by tornado and awaiting help, the juice pack will be your life saver until help arrives so the lifeguards can quickly locate you.

But the life is not fair. For those who enjoy new adventures, explore the remote islands learning science and scientific life hack can help a ton.

Amazing Science iPhone Charger Made From Fruits Banana And Orange

Here is a classic life saving hack to make iPhone charger using fruits. We have demonstrated this scientific experiment using banana and orange.

This life saving hack works for other phones too. All you will need besides your phone and phone charger and a banana, orange and a coin.

Now connect the orange with banana using a quarter. The coin will act as electricity transformer between banana and orange.

Finally plug the adapter into orange and connect to your iPhone. Instant changer is ready. Experiment at home and see how long it can charge your phone. Now imagine if you keep more bananas and oranges handy, create a link between all your fruits using quarters. This will increase the electricity generated sufficient enough to fully charge your laptop.

Another must have gadget for those who like trekking or camping away from society, Portable Outdoor Waterproof Mobile Power Bank. This external backup battery pack serves dual purpose, charge your phone when needed or use the inbuilt solar power operated light in the darkness.

Science Experiment Video

The original TikTok video showing this scientific experiment has gone viral and raved by preppers and parents. For preppers this is another life saving hack whereas, fro parents this is good opportunity to teach simple science experiments to their homeschooled kids when all of us are confined indoor due to lockdown.

Watch the amazing science iPhone charger made from fruits –


For those who like to be prepared for inclement conditions and dooms day scenario, refer our earlier blog post on prepper. In the coronavirus pandemic the prepper and preparing for doomsday scenario is gaining steam as this small humble virus has brought the entire world to its knees.

How To Survive Dooms

For the answer of How To Survive Dooms Day Scenario, get this life saver kit

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