Amazing Pets Video Shows Skateboarding Dog Using Behind Goofy Feet To Match Speed With Owner

Watching Pet videos full of tricks is a great way to spend time.

If you are thinking you have watched enough pet videos, this one will surprise you.

Amazing pets video shows skateboarding dog

Amazing pets video shows skateboarding dog using behind goofy feet to match speed with owner. Dog owners know their furry friend has certain basic needs such as two times a day walk, getting social with other pets, exercise to burn the energy. If you miss on any of their basic needs your dog tend to become frisky or sometimes feels lonely and nervous. The results out of frisky and nervous behaviour are chewing the shoes or furniture.

Basic science behind dogs frisky behaviour

You may find this as a wrong way to vent out their nervousness, but in dog’s terminology this is just an attempt to seek your attention. Your furry friend has many few needs such as 2 times of walk per day, couple of times of meals per day and little bit of love. Beyond this he won’t ask you anything. If you are busy he won’t even come to bother you. But your dog won’t leave you alone for long time and whenever sees opportunity to cuddle with you, he will be right there before you even call him.

Such unconditional love only dogs can offer. For family with kids, the fun multifolds as your canine will quickly get adjusted with kids and share the same bond of love with them. Don’t be jealous if sometimes your dog spends more time with kids than you.

Story of Skateboarding dog

As a good pet owner you know all the basic needs to your pet. Many tools and toys are available to take your dog to the playground either to let him burn some energy or interact with other dogs. Most common is play fetch with your dog. Every dog owner must have the Tennis Ball Launcher to play the fetching game. 

Today we are going to share a story of dog who is not only buddy but a skateboarding partner for his owner.

Amazing pets video shows skateboarding dog

Skateboarding is one of the most popular and iconic street sports. Skateboarding is a great sport but can be hard to master. It really depends on your age, fitness, guts and starting at the basics. Skateboarding isn’t hard to learn if you start at the basics. The fun doubles when you have a buddy always ready to join you whenever you are.

This is a story of a Labrador who has mastered the skateboarding skills just to be able to spend more time with his owner. Seeing his owners love, the lab decided to try the skateboarding too.

Amazing pets video shows skateboarding dog

After noticing that his dog also want to learn the skateboarding, the owner too allowed him to borrow his pare skateboard. With few lessons and training the dog quickly understood the basic steps of sktebaording. The Labrador was quick enough to learn the basics such as Regular foot and Goofy foot.

Skateboarding basics

Regular foot means that you’ve got your left foot forward and your right foot in the rear. This usually means that you’ll use your right foot to push. Goofy foot means that you’ve got your right foot forward and left in the rear. Usually, this means you’ll use your left foot to push.

After learning skateboarding now both Labrador his owner are happy given that the owner has found a true friend for skating and for labrador, he is happy as he can get to spend more time with this owner. Don’t have Skateboard Cruiser, here is the link to checkout the best Skateboard Cruiser

Watch the amazing pets video shows skateboarding dog.

If you watch the video over and over again, you will find how easily the lab can mount on the board, ability to use behind feet as goofy leg or legs and most importantly without any help he can even turn the skateboard in the desired direction.

Skateboarding is fun but also burns lot of energy. Good for his owner that he doesn’t have to take extra efforts to burn off some excess energy in a positive environment. Given the labs can run fast and considered as high-energy breed, his owner is liking self exercising dog. I am sure this self exercising dog is every owners dream.

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