Amazing #broomstickchallenge Videos That are trending on Twitter

Checkout some of these amazing videos that users have shared as part of . Amazing #broomstickchallenge Videos That are trending on Twitter. If you don’t know what is, here is quick education for you.

You can stand your broom up but it has nothing to do with NASA or today’s specific gravitational pull. See this video and you will understand


The Broom Stick Challenge has gone viral and trending all over social media. Tons of videos have been posted on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok. A very simple thing in our life which was gone unnoticed has surfaced as a viral trend. It’s a deja-vu moment and that’s the sole reason everyone is so much engaged to this new trend. It’s kind of a feeling of “I see it daily but how come it did not strike me” is gathering so much attention to

It may look like magic, but getting your broom to stand up straight on its own is just a matter of basic physics. It doesn’t have anything to do with the viral suggestion that it only works one day a year due to the planet’s gravitational pull or the vernal equinox. (Still makes for a good party trick though.)

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