All Who Dream To Go To Mars Must Read This | Space Shuttle 101 Know How Astronauts Take Shower In The Space

The rise of Space-X and Virgin Galactic have fueled hopes to travel into space or even beyond.

All who dream to visit Moon or Mars or just want to travel to the space this video will make you think again.

All who dream to

All who dream to go to mars must read this. The space industry is attracting private talent. Gone are the days when Space means NASA and only astronauts can dream of travelling into space. With the rise of next generation companies such as SpaceX, Virgin Galactic now the dream to travel into space looks feasible. The recent news have fueled the hopes that those days are not far away when ordinary people can travel into space. Here is space tour 101 for all who dream to visit Mars.

When you think of traveling to the Moon or any other planet, let your initial excitement settle down. As this one basic fact will overcome all your desire, all your hopes – Earth’s Gravitation Force. This gravitational force is what holding us to the ground. The trees, animals, tall giant structures are firmly rooted into the ground just because of Earth’s gravitational force.

As you move away from the surface, this essential commodity becomes parse and almost absent in the space. Moon walking into space may sound fun, but in reality its a painful journey that only strong minded can achieve. Let me give you some rude facts about travelling into space.

A video released by an astronaut take shower in the space shuttle has all flavors – excitement, novelty, scariness and may give you shudder thinking how difficult the life in space can be.

How Do Astronauts Take Shower In The Space

All who dream to

When gravitational pull is absent, everything start freely flowing. For astronauts even standing upright can become an issue. Anything you throw won’t come down but travels in all possible direction. As you start performing your day to day activities into space, you soon come to realize how important and valuable gift we Earthers have in the form of Gravitational Force.

The astronauts as part of their training learn to do basic things such as writing or drinking water similar to how we teach our toddlers. When the pen starts flying, papers won’t stay in place, how difficult it will be just to write a letter to your loved ones from Earth.

In the video below, an astronaut is showing how to take shower on the spaceship.

All who dream to

The bag he is holding is all the water he can get to take shower.

Once you grab hold of your share of water, next difficult step is to empty it on your head or body parts that you want to clean.

All who dream to

Try to stay as steady as possible and be agile to finish your shower before the water starts flying in the space.

Another difficult task is to hold the water droplets together and rub against your head. Not sure how much effective this shower can be, but you don’t have a choice.

As soon as your bath is over, make sure to grab a big towel to absorb every drop of water (yes, water automatically won’t fall into the drain). You have to catch every single droplet before it starts moving in all possible direction. Now imagine how one would feel when water drops from someone’s shower have fallen into their mouth. Isn’t that scary.

Still want to travel to Mars, well all I can do is to wish you Good Luck! This video is space shuttle 101 to know how life can be difficult in space.

All who dream to travel into space

here is fantastic demo video of life in the space. I am sure you will agree Earth’s Gravitation Pull is a best gift for mankind


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