All the garnets you can pick up in 2 hours At Largest Garnet Mine In New York

All the garnets you

All the garnets you can pick up in 2 hours At Largest Garnet Mine In New York. The world’s largest Garnet mine is located in New York. Being world’s largest, the mine has tons of garnets in raw form. When you buy a tour pass, you also get an opportunity to collect as many garnets as you can.

Collecting there beautiful gems is fun for both adults and kids. Standing in a garnet mine in upstate NY, looking at the ground. All the garnets you can pick up in 2 hours. Next time you are visiting New York, add a stop over at this mine in your itinerary. Grab your bucket and scoop as many shiny rocks as possible. They are yours to keep as a souvenir.


Where is this mine located

Way upstate NY just on top of the Grenville Orogeny on Rodinia just below the Lyon Mountain granite. Granite mine on a mountain in the Adirondacks … easy to find.

Do you know this land is very old and the rock formation has happened millions of years ago.

What the lucky ones find in the mine

All the garnets you

Many amateurish go to the mine in the search of look for Herkimer diamonds. However these precipitous stones are believed to be hidden inside these garnet rocks.

For some people, this mine is close to their heart as their ancestors have worked in this mine couple of centuries ago. Take Carry Lin, who shared beautiful memories of her great great grandfather. In her Carry’s own words “My Great Great Grandfather is in this photo. He was a silver Ore Miner in North River, NY. His son was a coal miner who would hunt for garnets and Rubies. He found his Ruby and made it into an engagement ring for my Great Grandmother. It was beautiful and a three or four carat.”

All the garnets you

Are Garnet Crystals useful

Garnets are deemed to be a crucial industrial material and have been used for making grinding wheels and sandpaper and the like.

Besides, these crystals can go in your bracelet or amulet. Pyrope Garnets are my absolute favorite!!! I know.. Pyropes aren’t special but I love them!

Some visitors have noticed the entire mountain sparkles in sunlight. However, to see this effect, it needs to be a bright sunny day with the surface mud awashed by rain immediately followed by sunlight.

For those who are interested in knowing the history of these shiny crystals or the mine, check out the website here

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