Alien Species Is Not A Snake But You Would Wish It Were A Snake | Species Will Make You Believe That Aliens Have Already Landed Time To Call Avengers

Alien looking species is leaving everyone guess, what actually it is?

This totally strange and scary looking species is your worst nightmare come to life. Video of alien species is not a snake but something more sinister.


Alien species is not

Alien species is not a snake but you would wish it were a snake. This species will make you believe that aliens have already landed time to call Avengers. A video of scary species has recently surfaced on social media platform. Since no one could confirm what actually this strange looking species is, chatter from aliens invading the Earth to reviving memories of Area 51 are circulating on micro blogging platform.

Alien species is not

Whatever be the case, this by far would be the scariest video you have seen on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube and nothing can be scarier that this alien species.


“Area 51” Do Aliens Really Exist Among Us

There is a growing notion that aliens do exist and right among us. Area 51 is deemed to be the home of special homesite set up by US intelligence for these aliens. There was a growing chatter to invade Area 51 and the trend became so popular that US Air Force Marshall has to issue dire warning for anyone thinking of invading Area 51 can face strict punishment.

When I look at this species and then again and then one more time, I feel that stores round Area 51 must be real otherwise what else can explain the presence of this species in our ocean water.

We earthlings fantasize about strange life forms on other planets, yet this starfish shows we have plenty of creepy critters already on Mother Earth. At first it appears as a snake but as you watch the video closely, you would rather wish it were a snake. The shape as if five snakes have joined together is making you think if this is a Snake Voltron where 5 snakes combine to fight those evil mongooses.

Alien species is not

Or is it 5 snakes eating a turtle which is trying to escape into the water making it look like a giant octopus. Or it’s Coronavirus that has mutated into 5 tentacled creature. All sorts of wild imaginations will appear in your mind.

What Researcher Tell Me

As per one opinion, this may be the ophiuroids or ophiuras are a class of the Echinodermata edge. They have pentarradial symmetry and have a starfish-like appearance, with five arms emerging from a central disc. Surely ophiuroids and asteroids are sister groups. there is variety they are beautiful.

Upon searching further, I found that it could be a type brittle star species or a Snake spider. A high water mark for comparing our best intentions to our perceived oppositions worst examples, so actually learning something was nice.

But one thing is for sure, that thing is truly terrifying.

As someone said precisely, One person’s beauty is another’s nuke from orbit


On the lighter note, I had the feeling as if the aliens haven’t already landed. If this species is not an alien, then what it can be. I am categorically avoiding to show this video to my BF and if he sees it, I will never get him back in the ocean. I really feel as if all my nightmares have come to life.


Isn’t this the scariest video you have even seen on social media sites. Let us know what you think in the comments.


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