Alien Looking Creature Is A Live Sand Dollar

I was believing that sand dollars are white in color until I saw this video.

The live sand dollar looks totally different than the one which we see as wedding souvenir. Video of alien looking creature is actually a live sand dollar.

Sand dollars traditionally are used as the most coveted souvenir in weddings. But ever wondered what sand dollars actually are. This video will shed more light on sand dollars. Moreover, after getting to know all the myth surrounding these live creatures vurses what we have seen so far is shockingly surprise you. Are you ready to witness the fabulous story surrounding sand dollars. Video of alien looking creature is a live sand dollar.

This beautiful sea creature is mostly spotted on the Florida beaches. They can be either a beautiful deep purple color or green when spotted in the water.

My knowledge about sand dollars was very limited until now. I did not know Sand dollars were live creatures. I thought they were just shells. I’ve never seen a live one before. The sand dollars we are used to seeing (white) is because they bleach them. When you first pull them out of the water they are green.

What Kind Of Sea Creatures Sand Dollars Are?

alien looking creature

San Dollars are flat, burrowing sea urchins. They carry different names such as Sand cakes, Sand Biscuits or Sand urchins. Florida sand dollars look a bit different. While walking on the beach, you may spot them.

Do you know some people are allergic to sand dollars. If you have lived close to the beach in your childhood, chances are that you may have even caught them. Many friends have shared stories from their childhood memories, how they know to catch these sand dollars,  put them in bleach to turn them white as souvenirs.

The sand dollars leave yellow looking substance on your skin and feel like a bunch of little crawling toes. For many kids in Florida, it was fun playing with the sand dollars.

Sand Dollars Are Famous Wedding Souvenir


alien looking creature

Pocket sand dollars have special place in weddings. Perfect for beach themed weddings. Spread the cheer and pocket sized sand dollars to each of your guests. Great for beach themed wedding centerpieces, invitations or party favors. Create original home decor or exciting craft projects. Excellent Christmas decorations for white or beach themed tree. Make your gifts stand out by adding sand dollars.

Watch the video of alien looking creature.

After watching this video I am sure you will wonder why do I learn more on TikTok than I did when I was in school.  On a side note, I remembered the cookies I have baked last time. They looked exactly the same like these sand dollars when they were in the oven.


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