Agitated depression Assessment test To Know If Your Signs And Mental Disorder Is Leading To The Mixed Mania | Take Self Assessment Depression Test To Know How Serious Your Signs Are


Agitated depression Assessment test

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Are there any signs of fidgeting?

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In the past one week, how many times you felt angry beyond control?

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In the last 30 days, how many times you felt guilty of your behaviour?

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In the past month, did you happen to damage personal or public property in rage?

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Are you finding yourself hand-wringing ( twist and rub one's hands together) often than usual?

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How often you pick your own skin?

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When you are extremely angry, how much time it takes for you to calm down ?

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Is constantly pacing becoming a new found habit in your life?

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How often you find yourself pulling your hair or sometimes even own clothes?

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Do you often bite your nails?

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Are you finding yourself bursting into anger that results into long periods of shouting or complaining?

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In the past one week, how many times did you feel restless?

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What is shape of your nails?

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Do you often finds yourself racing thoughts or talking incessant?

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How will you describe yourself or describe your personality?

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Are you lately feeling extreme irritated, like snapping at friends and family, or being annoyed at small things?

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When situation goes out of control, can you still collect your thoughts and find a solution?


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Depression in any form is bad a it takes significant toll on your life. The signs of frequent mood swings, un-controllable irritation have been accepted as DSM 5 mental health issues. Until now agitated depression was considered as a mixed state in DSM system, however now agitated depression has itself been identified as mental condition often coupled with bipolar disorder. Agitated depression assessment test is to identify these signs.

I could’ve easily avoided years of anxiety and depression if i just “didn’t think about it”

Initially referred as melancholia agitata is now termed as “mixed mania” or “mixed features.” Similar to bipolar disorder, agitated depression can sometimes leads to suicidal thoughts. If you are someone you know of is suffering from suicidal thoughts, immediately contact the suicide prevention hotline. Try the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.

Agitated Depression Assessment Test


Agitated depression Assessment test

This self help tool will analyze your inputs for certain situations to see if you meet the clinical definition of mixed mania or mixed state, a DSM 5 recognized mental disorder. Primarily this test seeks inputs related to ability to control anger, collect the thoughts in tricky situations and find yourself a way out. How do you describe your personality and also how your friends and family know you as a person.

Agitated depression is real and these symptoms if not treated on time can lead to uncontrollable maniac behaviour.

It’s okay to be angry. It’s never okay to be cruel.

This is just a self help tool to diagnose your signs. However, your doctor is always the best source to discuss your signs. Based on your past history, your doctor can confirm whether you are suffering from depression disorder and that a treatment is needed. Do not consider this test as a substitute for doctor’s advice.

Depression will leave you forever, all you have to do is breathe some fresh air

Agitated depression Assessment test


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