Adorable Interaction between my cat and wild deer

Adorable Interaction between my cat and wild deer

One in a while we get to see unusual guests approaching our front yard. If any wild animal is approaching, most of the times either it is fro the food or to interact with your pets. Our pets when left alone in the backyard or front yard welcome these unusual guests with curiosity. In the rare combination capture by Amada you get the combination of both – A fawn attracted to her house for food at the same time became curious to see Amanda’s pet cat.

Adorable Interaction between my cat and wild deer

The interaction between two strangers was so amazing. As you can see the cat is slowly approaching to this new guest of her house, likewise the young fawn not sure what animal the cat is seen very cautions. As the hungry fawn wants to eat the food, he mildly expresses his curiosity to the house cat.

The video is so adorable, it has attracted close to 2 million views. Check this out

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