Adam And Eve Jokes When Even Met Adam The First Time

Adam And Eve Jokes When Even Met Adam The First Time. Let’s move attention to read something funny. Take a break from your daily routine and its now time to relax and laugh. Here is your today’s medicine to keep you happy and healthy.

Adam And Eve Jokes

This is a story of the days when Heaven was getting a bit crowded.

St. Peter began giving quizzes to see who should get in.

A bunch of men ascended to the heaven,and came to the Pearly Gate.

“It’s quiz time and your answers will decide if you can get a place in heaven”, said St. Peter.

“Who was the first man?” asked Peter.

“Adam”, answered the first main in the line.

“That’s Correct. Enter”

Soon another man came along

“Where did Adam and Eve Live?”, asked Peter

“Eden”, answered the 2nd man.

“That’s Correct. Enter”

Then came Charlie Chaplin.

“Ooh, I’ll give you a hard one. What did Eve say when she met Adam for the first time?”. asked Peter.

“Mmm, that is a HARD one?” said Charlie Chaplin

“That’s Correct. Enter”

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