A Silly Mistake Cost This Robber Big Time Lesson Of What Not To Do When Robbing Convenient Store | Full Incident Caught On Camera

A Silly Mistake Cost

A Silly Mistake Cost This Robber Big Time Lesson Of What Not To Do When Robbing Convenient Store and this Full Incident was Caught On Camera. With less traffic in the store, a robber decided to take advantage of the situation by robbing the local convenient store. Everything would have gone smooth had the robber not committed a simple, small and silly mistake.

Afternoon time, location local convenient store. The store had only handful number of shoppers and a woman at cash register. Naturally the women would not resist a gun trotting robber and without resistance would empty out her cash register in his hands.

A Silly Mistake Cost

Thinking that this is the most appropriate time to rob the store, this robber entered the store. As soon as entered, he wasted no time in brandishing his heat to reveal his true intention. The cashier and a man standing beside her immediately understood the severity of the situation and decided to comply with his request. However there were couple of other customers standing on the other corer of the store. Seeing that his back is facing the customers which can become tricky, the robber decided to push all customers to one side.

That was a big mistake. A wrong step.

A Silly Mistake Cost

Looking at the woman cashier and a middle aged man wearing cowboy hat the robber was relaxed thinking that both won’t cause any harm or resistance to him. Well, it turned out that he was wrong. As soon as he turned his back to the cashier, the man wearing a cowboy hat lounged at the robber and pushed him against the rack. He also made sure to snatch the gun and throw away from the robber.

A Silly Mistake Cost

Once you loose the gun, the show ends there and it’s a sign that the robbery attempt is foiled and soon you can expect to wear orange jump suit and be ready to serve your time in prison. After loosing the weapon, the robber tried to escape from the scene. But thanks to other staff present in the store, the robber was nailed down and handed over to the cops.

There is no message involved as we do not give away tricks for successful robbery. Rather do not even dream about it. The whole incident was caught on the store camera.

Watch how a silly mistake cost this robber big time lesson. Hats off to the good Samaritan who helped nab this robber.

One may wonder, why do people resort to robbery. Reasons can be many such as out of necessity, for fun or may be out of depression. There are cases where a person can feel totally helpless and depressed and can attempt a robbery. Depression in any form is not good and must seek medical advice immediately as person in depressed mood loose the sanity or sense of understanding. And committing such crime in the lost mind status can leave your a life long scar that can’t be rectified.

Depression can be cured with medical help and many award winning medications such as Wellbutrin are available to treat depression. If you doing the robbery out of necessity, try to find a stable job as earning money through hard work will help in long term than short term tricks.

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