A New Russian Roulette Game Has Become Popular And Trending Among Kids Adults And Family

In the quest of always finding something new, a new Russian Roulette type of game is increasingly gaining popularity on social media platform.
The game is fun when played ensuring everyone safety. Revised version of Russian Roulette preserving all the fun this game can offer.

A New Russian Roulette

A new Russian roulette game has become popular and trending among kids adults and family. A revised touch given to this game is ensuring lots of fun to all the families that have tried this game. Not only within families, but you can play this game with your friends. However, make sure that you are aware of the ongoing lockdown mandate and social distancing rules.

The modified version of this game has immediately become popular. You will find many videos suddenly started appearing on TikTok or Twitter showing how families or group of teens are having fun with this game.

Russian Roulette using a giant ball

With the ongoing quarantine and lockdown mandates in place, I am sure the mood is somber. How much time you can watch the movies or check for updates on Twitter, Facebook. Everything has an end. So let’s hit the ground along with your friends or family members. 4 -5 members are sufficient to play this game.

A New Russian Roulette

You will need an empty bottle and a bouncy ball and let’s hit the ground. Rules are easy and simple, one person will take the bottle to spin around.

A New Russian Roulette

The bottle will spin and then stop. Whosoever the bottle points to is the defender and everyone else need to run away from him as quick as possible to save your self.



A New Russian Roulette


The defender needs to quickly grab the bouncy ball and aim at running away members. The goal to hit someone with the ball and make them out.

if you can’t save yourself before the defender, chances are you will be hit by the ball. So be quick and agile to run away as fast as possible. If you can’t run faster, learn how to dodge the ball.

A New Russian Roulette


Sounds fun, see this game in action in the video below. Below is the series of weekly top 10 LOL videos. But if you are interested only how to play this game, scroll to 1:37 timeline of this video. It’s the 6th video in the compilation series below.



Russian Roulette using eggs, crack on your friends

A New Russian Roulette

Want a level up. Let’s use eggs in place of bouncy balls. Remember if hit accurately, the eggs can break with splash thus ensure harm to other players. You can enjoy the fun of spoiling someone’s dress by cracking egg on it.

Just like before, all you need is an empty glass bottle and a crate of 12 – 18 eggs. Let’s start the game.

One player has to spin the bottle. Once the glass bottle stops spinning, its opening will point to someone who will act as a chaser or defender.

While the defender is busy grabbing eggs to attack, other members need to run away and save themselves from getting eggd.

If you can’t save yourself, chances are high that your clothes will be soiled with the broken egg.



Russian Roulette using a tennis ball, aim and hit hard

Interpret this game your way. Don’t like eggs or bouncy ball, let’s look around and see what you can find. Tennis ball and a racket will do. All you need is to find 3 to 5 friends who can join you for the fun, an empty bottle, a tennis racket and few tennis ball.

Let the fun begins. Someone need to take the lead to spin the bottle.

A New Russian Roulette

Once the bottle stops spinning, the defender will be decided. While everyone is trying to run away, defenders job is to quickly grab the tennis racket and a ball.

Position yourself and now aim at the runaway crew. Take your best aim and go for it. It’s hit you won, miss you lost.

The player who gets hit by tennis ball becomes out and the fun continues.

See the Russian roulette using tennis ball and racket in action below

A New Russian Roulette Game.


Russian Roulette using a soccer ball, kick hard to make your opponent fall

A New Russian Roulette

The game has become popular not only in Russia or US, even Latin American countries too joined this fun. As you know, soccer is very popular in Latin American countries, so here is a play recorded using soccer ball.

Recipe and process remains the same, only thing changes is how to hit your target. This time it’s soccer ball. A novel way to practice and show your soccer skills.

A New Russian Roulette

As the bottle spins and finds the defender, defenders job is to grab the soccer ball with speed and alacrity and give you best kick.

In the video shared on TikTok, the user was able to delivery double whammy to his opponent.

A New Russian Roulette

First soccer kick has knocked his opponent down, the second soccer ball took care of the rest.

Watch the double whammy Russian roulette delivered below


You can choose your version of this game and decide how to make it interesting. As you can see, among the grown ups, the egg or heavy objects that can make impact are popular whereas within family, it’s more fun oriented considering the safety of young members of your family.


What is Russian Roulette game


The original Russian Roulette game is very lethal and not meant for chicken hearts.

As per wikipedia

Russian roulette is a lethal game of chance in which a player places a single round in a revolver, spins the cylinder, places the muzzle against their head, and pulls the trigger, in the hope that the round does not reach the barrel of the gun and therefore fire

Basically, its do or die kind of game, not suitable for family. Only desperate mind who have lost fun in the life will play this notorious game. No person in proper sense can think of this game. You should be alarmed if your teenage son is attracted to this game as it can be life threatening. If possible, persuade your teenager to play this family friendly and fun oriented game.

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