A Big Fart Quiz

Farting is no fun and you know it well. Take this quiz to test your scientific knowledge on human digestive system and the farting terminology. If you know your body science well, it will help to keep the air around you clean.


A Big Fart Quiz

A Big Fart Quiz

Passing out gas is normal when no one is around but can embarrass you when you show your magic in the group. How much you really know about the science behind farting. Take this quiz and this may help you to control the farting habits

Are you ready ?

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How many times a day does a person on a normal diet pass gas?



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Fart reducing pills prevent gas because they:.... ?



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Can chewing gum make you gassy ?



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The older you get, the gassier you'll become



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Can exercise help you fart less ?



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Does Farting Burn Calories ?



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Foods that are high in this are more likely to make you fart ?



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Air travel can make you fart



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You feel a fart coming on, and you aren't alone. It’s best to: ...



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When you are sick, your farts smells bad



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The best way to get rid of the smell of a fart is: ...



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The average score is 41%


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